Classic Flap w/ Bijou Chain?

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a while (you are all such great resources!), and have been thinking about finally getting a black jumbo classic flap with the new bijou chain before the price increase. I called a few chanel boutiques and Bergdorfs last week, but they all said they don't have any and don't know if/when they'll come in, and that the only classic flaps with the new chains are the ones with the MM lock (not the "CC" lock).

    Finally today I called the Chanel 800 number and the rep said that the classic flap with bijou chain was issued for Spring/Summer 2007, that they've all been sold, and due to customer complaints that the all-metal chain was uncomfortable on the shoulder, Chanel's decided to go back to the chain-leather interweave for Fall.

    Is this true (not sure whether the rep knew what he was talking about, as it seems like he was reading things off a computer), and is it true the bijou chain is uncomfortable? I really like the classic flap with the new chain and was hoping to get one! I have the metallic black reissue and I don't find the all-metal chain uncomfortable.

  2. Hi, bubbles77!

    I love the look of the new chain too! I own the black caviar and dark white jumbos, both with the new chain. Personally, I don't find it uncomfortable on the shoulder at all. The Chanel rep may have been right because my NM SA also told me that the new chain won't be re-released for fall.

    Check Neiman Marcus because I did see a black caviar jumbo with new chain a few weeks ago. Good luck!
  3. Thanks, Jeanne! Which NM did you see it in? I'll give them a call.

  4. Totally OT here, but GREAT NAME! How do you pronounce it? I'm from down south and mine's the french pronounciation-which is difficult to spell phonetically!
    Kinda like Jaahn (which should rhyme with Con or Don) but with a J like in Jolie. Kinda Jshz. Ok, I'll stop being weird now
  5. I have the red medium lambskin with the bijoux chain and I didn't find it uncomfortable at all.
  6. Uncomfortable? NO WAY. Its ingeniously made! Its made to lay absolutely flat on the shoulder. It doesnt dig at all. If your bag is heavy, then it would be heavy with new or old chain. I found the reissue chain can dig a little into the shoulder if its heavy because it doesnt lay flat. (still love reissues though)
  7. bubbles77: Try the Neiman Marcus in Scottsdale - (480) 990-2100. Ask for Kat or Joy. They are the Chanel experts there. Let us know if you get it!

    ferociousjeanne: I've been admiring your name too!! Mine is pronouced "jeen" with a long e sound, but everyone calls me "jeenie". I'll bet you get called "jeen" alot. I like the french pronunciation of your name. I have never been called "jaahn" but wouldn't mind - it sounds so European and sophisticated!
  8. Hi bubbles77, I have two jumbo flaps with the new chain, and I LOVE them. They are very comfortable. It always lay flat on my shoulder and IMO, they look very hip :smile:
    Good luck, I hope you'll find yours very very soon...
  9. I have a Jumbo Caviar with new chain and I agree with what everyone has said. It's a very comfortable chain. It's well made and it looks absolutely beautiful. If Chanel decides not to make that chain again, then everyone who purchased could possibly have a collector's item...wouldn't that be cool?
  10. I think your best bet is to find it and try it out. Some people find the chain uncomfortable, while others don't. It's definitely still out there =)
  11. Personally I don't find it uncomfortable at only complaint is that sometimes the individual kidney bean style links get stuck together .. then you have to fix the chain ... but not a huge hassle.
  12. I love my jumbo with bijoux chain too. Get it, I think it just looks really modern. My NM had a black one just last week, call Carey (guy) at 703.761.1600 and tell him Cindy sent you.
  13. anyone have the A.. Y..# for a med lambskin flap with bijoux chain?

    I'm looking for that bag in BLack.

    CindyYZ: did your NM have the med lambskin or are you talking about the jumbo caviar? thanks!!
  14. They have the med lambskin with bijoux too. I personally saw it there. Carey can help you too ihearcharms.

  15. Thanks for all your help, everyone! It seems that all the Chanel boutiques are out, but Neiman Marcus has them everywhere. I hadn't tried them before posting because I don't get their whole "we don't accept mastercard or visa" issue, but if they're the only ones that still have the classic flaps with the new chain, I guess it's finally time to open a NM account. The new chain is too lovely to pass up. I called my local NM and they have it and are holding it for me. Will make the trek later this week. Again, thanks for all the info and references!