Classic Flap v. Reissue Flap--which do you prefer

  1. and why?? I have a classic flap in jumbo and LOVE it. Will I love a reissue? I am thinking of going that way just so I don't kick myself over and over for not buying another classic before the price increase!
  2. They're both great bags but for me, I prefer the classic because I can fit more into it. They're made a little bit different and my reissue, even though it's the 228, it's not as roomy as my Jumbo Caviar.

    On the other hand, the reissue has that nice distressed leather that I really love.
  3. Hi Leem, I'm on the same boat as you! Bought a classip flap and love it so much and kicking myself for not getting a couple more. Now I'm leaning toward the reissue as a plan B.
  4. I prefer the Classic Flap. I like everything about it, especially the straps and the cc turnlock.
  5. I love the classic flap but something about the reissue makes them special!
  6. I also prefer the classic flap because it was my first Chanel. I can never get over my first love.
  7. I have a Jumbo Classic flap with the silver hardware that I LOVE:love: :love: to death...but I really want a black reissue 226 size with the gold hardware also:love: :love: So, I prefer BOTH !!:yes:
  8. Reissue for me! : )
  9. I love the reissue. It looks so clean and sophisticated without any logos. Sure, the "CHANEL" engraved on the turn lock is there, but no one can see it. I love the chains. The con is that it fits less than its comparable classic flap, which I also love equally. I have a bordeaux and now hunting for a black 226 with gold too!
  10. I vote for Classic bag. It looks better for me.
  11. ^^ i :heart: my medium classic flap :love:
  12. I :heart: the Reissue!
  13. I love both, honestly.
  14. I have loved the reissue since I first saw it.
  15. Hard question.... I actually have both the Classic and Re-issue. I love them both, but like my re-issue a little more. I just think it gives the Classic a little bit of edge that I like.