Classic Flap: Shades of beige/brown

  1. I have been searching the forum on beige classic flaps and I realise that there are a couple of shades of beige and brown. Can anyone clarify all the shades which are available? So far, I have found the following:

    The first pict is from Luccibag: Is this the light beige?

    The second pict is from Personal Shoppers: I think this is the camel beige which is produced every season?

    The third pict is from Yorelica:
    I'm referring to the one in the middle row to the right. Is this also a light beige? It looks more pinkish than the 1st pict, maybe it's the lighting.

    I also read that there is an Ivory. Is this a different shade?

    Would appreciate any clarification!

    Thanks so much to Luccibag and Yorelica for the picts. Lovely bags!!!!
    47b6da06b3127cce88af3271336c00000016108AZMXDdw2asp.jpg camel%20flap.jpg
  2. Are you asking about my classic double flap muppy? Yes they are all called Light beige ~ Chanel changes their shade/intensity if light beige every season/year.
  3. It terms of ivory sorry I can't help ya I never bought ivory (I think ivory has not been out in the past year or two) that might be why I didnt encounter them since I bought my light beige Chanels this past 2 years.

    Personal shoppers is likely camel def. not light beige