Classic flap question?

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  1. Is the classic flap still available in the blue fonce color?
  2. I have never seen it IRL, call the 800 number maybe???
  3. I would like to know too! This is the color I was first asking SAs from different Chanel boutiques & department stores. However, none is available. Is there any owner out there tell us which store you first purchased the blue fonce? Probably, that will help us to locate this particular color. TIA! :rolleyes:
  4. I thought I saw blue in Short Hills Chanel was a while ago but not THAT long ago, also I saw some blue @ Bala Cynnwd Saks but not sure if it was perfo.
  5. I think I saw one at NM KOP when I went to the trunk show. Call Stacy (610.637.1429) if it is out there she will find it for you.
  6. in april, they had two at NM in boston (i ordered one for myself) and one at the chanel boutique in san francisco. i just ordered a dark gray e/w from jillian at palm beach gardens in florida yesterday--she mentioned having a blue e/w, i'm guessing that may be blue fonce. try calling her as well, she's fabulous!
  7. Can anyone tell me how much is the classic flap in £?

    Many thanks
  8. The last blue fonce I saw was at NM Scottsdale in June. Don't know if they still have it. It was stunning! I know that Neiman's had it in several stores.
    Does any one know if it was done in a medium classic?
  9. I don't know if they were made abroad or for the boutiques, but I know that NM did not order the Blue Fonce in the Medium, just the E/W and the Jumbo classic.
  10. Neiman Marcus in White Plains had 1 in the beginning of the summer. I don't remember the size.