Classic Flap or reissue?? need all the help!

  1. Dear all,

    I am having trouble deciding which one i want. I want either classic flab or reissue, both in white and medium size. what do you guys think?
    Also, i am planning to get a black luxe bowler, is there any still around? and do you guys think its going to be a classic or an IT bag? I dont want to spend 2000 on a bag that i will use only for half a year!

    thank you so much!
  2. I own both classic and reissue style. They are very similar and both are "timeless, classic" designs. The clasp on the classic (cc's) is easier to open and close. There is some fumbling, more time spent trying to close the rectangular clasp. The reissue, however, is available in more sizes than the classic. Either one you choose is truly stunning, a real smile.
  3. Hi, I edited your title but I see your thread calls it a "flab", it's actually a flap.

    Out of the 2, I prefer the Reissue.
  4. Thanks for editing! i was on lecture just now and was on a hurry! glad you guys know what it meant!=)

    Gee, what about the luxe bowler? do you know whether it will be a classic? and where can i get it?

  5. I prefer the reissue
  6. seems like I should go for the reissue? hmm...
  7. i am longing for a reissue, so i vote for reissue
  8. My vote would go to the reissue. I haven't put my black one down for the last week. Just love it!
  9. Of the two I only have the classice flap, but I must admit the reissue makes me drool:drool: Especially if I could get a bordeaux like posted in another thread :smile:
  10. ^^ hehe south, thanks for the compliment! ;) i am a reissue girl but i do own 1 classic flap (any true chanel aficionada should have at least 1 classic flap) i love the reissue. the structure, the chains, the mademoiselle turnlock. The one big con is the space. I cannot wear the 227 or 228 looks huge on me. Try both on with neutral outfits (jeans, tee, etc) and decide. :smile:
  11. I love my reissue!! :yes:
  12. Love both classic flap and reissue, you can't go wrong with any of them. =)
  13. I love reissue more!
  14. I vote for the re-issue.
  15. i like the classic flap