Classic Flap or Medallion tote?!? I can't decide!!

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  1. I love both of them but I can't decide which to get! I don't really dress up all that much, I usually wear jeans, uggs, ballet type shoes, a casual shirt so would the classic flap be too fancy for my usual wardrobe? But the Medallion tote is so beautiful also! I need help deciding...
  2. I think the medallion is a beautiful bag. I own one, but for some reason it stays in the box. It isn't because I don't love it, but because I have have so many other choices. I would ask the following questions about your lifestyle. You dress like most young women I see. The medallion is very versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down. It is a real classic like a flap. The big issue with the medallion that I hear on these boards is the fact that it is difficult to get in and out of. The charm on it bothers some. I cannot carry it on my shoulder (I don't think it was designed to be,) but it is a real ladies bag, suitable for any occasion, just like the flap. Of course, I don't believe the flap was ever considered an "everyday" bag either. So, anything goes! I love my beige/ghw medallion.
    Maybe you can start a new trend in a different direction...first bag=medallion.
    btw, my collection was: m/l flap, gst, medallion. So, there you go.
  3. One factor that can help you decide is how you prefer to hold your bags :smile:

    If you prefer to keep your hands free, then the flap is the best way to go :smile:
  4. Classic flap!
  5. I don't think you can go wrong whatever you choose, I like both of them.
    Do you have the opportunity to try both in a Chanel store? Go for the one that makes your heart sing.
    Good luck ;).
  6. Your wardrobe sounds like mine ... I tend to reach for my medallion tote more than my classic flap when I'm dressed like that. Both are beautiful styles, I agree with **Chanel** that you have to try them both on and then decide which you love most IRL.
  7. Other than the UGG boots, our wardrobe are similar and I'm no spring flower. lol I had this same problem a while back and after much thought I picked the flap. I think that the flap is more versatile and can go from classy to casual easily. Whereas the tote is just a tote. Also, when I think of a tote I think of a bag that can thrown around, put on the ground, banged, not babied, kwim?

    Also the degree of how dressy/casual you want the flap to depends on the colour/hw/leather combination. Geez, I really sound like a SA. Note to self: must work on this spiel when convincing dh I need several more flaps. hehehe
  8. Definitely classic flap!! ;)
  9. I have both and love them all. I would suggest to buy jumbo as your first bag, then save for medallion. Besides, I recently just noticed that there are several nice medallion listed in *bay which such discount price. So I guess it is relatively easy for you to save up for the second bag like medallion.
  10. The flap! You can dress it up or down.
  11. I would get the flap for sure.
  12. I vote for the flap
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    I would say flap with shw. My dressing is quite similar to yours and my red and medium flaps go well with it.

    A picture of me in jeans & Ugg boots:

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  14. I have both. The Medallion was my first Chanel bag and even over two years since purchasing it, I still practically wear it everyday. It can be dressed up or down, it does fit me on my shoulder perfectly, even with a heavy jacket, and it can be made to just be a plain black bag or if you want some bling, you take the medallion out.

    The flap for me is a little more dressy. I have both the Jumbo and Medium. The Medium I wear strictly at night, in fact I don't think I ever wore it in the day. The Jumbo is definitely more for day than night but could be worn for casual evenings, nothing fancy.

    All in all, I say get the Medallion. I just love that bag so much. It's care free. I wear mine in the rain even and it still looks brand new! The flaps are amazing too but it's not as easy to use. Ya know with the chains and opening and closing the flap. I just think the Medallion is the way to go in your case.

    Good luck!
  15. I definitely think that the classic flap can be dressed up or down so you should not consider that an issue in your decision. What you probably should think about is what do you want to use the purse for? Everyday, evening, both and how much you carry on a daily basis. If you want an everyday purse and don't carry too much than the classic flap (I'm assuming you mean m/l size) is a great choice. If you do carry a lot of stuff like papers, books, etc. than the medallion tote is what you should go for. When it comes to occasions, I like that the clasic flap can be used for formal and casual wear, while I think that the medaillion doesn't go as well with more formal attire.