Classic Flap or a Reissue???


Reissue or Classic Flap????

  1. Reissue

  2. Classic Flap

  3. Both!

  4. Neither!

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  1. Which one do you like more? And why????

    I have a Classic Flap but thinking maybe I should've gotten a Reissue??? How durable is Reissue's leather compared to caviar????

    Also, does anyone have pictures of the inside of the Reissue???? Could you post them? I would greatly appreciate it!!!!

  2. I like them both. I got the reissue first as I was told it's a limited edition but will be buying the flap in the near future.
  3. Caviar is the easiest to maintain. If you already have a flap and are looking for another bag, go for the reissue.
  4. I vote reissue because the classic flap will always be available. Who knows how long the reissues will be available?
  5. Classic flap :smile:
  6. I love both of them and I'm trying to decide which one to get. But I think I'll go with the reissue!