Classic Flap not balanced?

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    This is a pic from Chanelboy's previous post (Sorry, just borrowing for reference) . I'm not sure whether it is cos of the angle the pic was taken from, but I'm just wondering, does any of you have seen any bags with one side of the flap higher compared to the other side?

  2. Some flap bags are like that.. I wonder why?? I used to have a Vintage Caviar Flap that looks like that... Can it be prevented too?
  3. yes, i've seen it at Neiman Marcus as well...too many times!
  4. Same here, as a good SA would say "They are handmade and slight imperfection are part of the design and beauty of the bag"
  5. Yepp .. all the time, but altought it might be as steffibp said above .. it still bothers me.
  6. It's really common... I can't stand it... not a characteristic of good craftmanship in my opinion :sad:
  7. ^^ I agree... poor craftsmanship. A slight difference is acceptable but a really obvious imperfection is unacceptable.
  8. Hmmm .... I'll have to agree with lovensparkle. We don't buy expensive bags just because they are expensive and on high demand. We buy them because of the quality and expectations that stand behind the Chanel name. I can live with something cheap and defected, but something with a Chanel price tag and crooked is going STRAIGHT back to the store! But I will buy it with a 10% discount.... haha!
  9. Here in the UK if a Chanel is defective they told me that they just don't sell it to you, there is no discount!
  10. My black jumbo came like that. It's not a permanent flaw;it's the way the bag was stored at the shop. With use,mine is perfectly balanced now.
  11. AW...poor bag
  12. Interesting... thanks! :tup:
  13. Yeah, I really hate to get a bag at this price tag and it's NOT perfect...
  14. I find my red jumbo a little off in the beginning. As I use it for while, it is not as noticable.
  15. Hm, that usually happens if its stuffed unevenly.