classic flap medium caviar white with new chain ( bijoux)

  1. anybody can help me to locate one? or anybody seen this recently?? i wonder what is style number? thank you so much for help!!!
  2. Minnie, you mean the dark white one right? If yes, I just ordered a jumbo sized one from my SA at NM. He can probably find you a medium. I don't know if the new chain one was made in the regular bright white.

    Call Carey (he's a guy) and tell him Cindy sent you 703-761-1600, x3034

  3. I actually talked to a Neiman's SA and she said it's basically impossible to find a red classic Chanel. I gave up. :sad:
  4. I just got the bright white medium caviar flap with bijoux chain from Neiman Marcus but there is no style number on the box. Is there any way to deduce it from the numbers on the price tag? It was $2150, by the way.
  5. Cindy, is the jumbo with new chain that you ordered a caviar one? Is it the same price as the classic jumbo caviar? Thanks much.
  6. NM at King of prussia had one (ivory jumbo with new chain) as of Thurs.
  7. i saw one at chanel short hills about a week ago.
  8. Hi eiffel21, yes, I ordered the caviar jumbo with new chain, but now I'm confused by the price. Jeannebar said that she got the medium size for $2150, but my jumbo was supposedly $2150. I hope my SA didn't order a medium by mistake as he had to get it from another store. Oh well, I'll find out Monday or Tuesday which is when I'm supposed to get it. I'll do a followup post here when it arrives.

  9. The bright white medium caviar I got was definitely $2150. I should ask my SA why the price was so high. It may be because of the specific color and the chain. I was in the store again last night and saw the dark white jumbo caviar with new chain for $2250. Maybe the bright white color carries a higher premium.

    Cindy, I hope you get the bag you want! I loved the dark white and I am very tempted to go back and get it! The new chain is TDF and is getting harder to find.
  10. Hi jeannebar, yes, ITA. I've been wanting the dark white with new chain after seeing a few pics on other threads. My SA had to call around to find it, I just hope that he did order the right one. He specifically told me jumbo and that there was no flap inside. Oh well, we'll see when it gets here!

  11. thanks everybody... i think the medium bijoux chain will be 2150.

  12. Thanks much Cindy, and please post when your bag arrives... Thanks again.
  13. Hi everyone, well, I finally got the bag today and it's the medium white (not the ivory/dark white I wanted). :crybaby: I'm so dissapointed... Anyway, it has to go back. Minnie04, if you still want it, PM me and I'll give you my SA info so you can buy it when I return. BTW, it's in perfect condition. If anyone comes across a Jumbo dark white with new chain, let me know!
  14. Hi there, I'd like to purchase a medium white classic with the 'old' chain. Did you purchase it at Saks? I'd like to purchase it tomorrow at the EGC event. Thanks.
  15. No, it's from Neiman's and it's the new chain.