Classic flap (med/large and jumbo) owners, help?

  1. I am setting a "saving" goal for a bag but I'm torn between two.
    I definitely want a classic flap as my next Chanel, but I am having a tough time deciding between med/large and jumbo.

    I have listed some pros and cons of each:

    * can use as every day as well as formal bag
    * looks great with both chains or single chain

    * seems pretty small, is this about the size of an LV pochette?
    * won't fit my sunglasses case, won't fit my every day wallet (so I will have to change wallets all the time)
    * just $300 cheaper than jumbo but seems much smaller than the jumbo

    * great size for every day use
    * hangs low so it doesn't get in the way while I'm shopping, etc
    * can most likely fit my sunglasses case, and my every day wallet

    * too big for more formal wear (although I don't attend very many super formal events)
    * single chain must be worn as messenger
    * bag hanging low may look awkward

    Owners of both, what are your thoughts?

    If you could post pictures of what you could fit in your med/large or jumbo, that would be wonderful! I want a bag that's practical, but suitable for any occasion as well. The only Chanel I have is the black GST.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Im a fan of both. I found the jumbo to be more versatile. It may not be great for formal functions, but can definitely go from day to evening. Can definitely hold sunglasses with case. You can also tie a knot inside to keep it from hanging too low on you. Now there is a $300 difference between medium and jumbo. Before it was only $100 difference.

    The medium flap definitely holds more than LV pochette. Both jumbo and medium flaps are very gorgeous and functional bags. I find jumbo a bit more functional. Since you have a black GST, a medium may be a great idea though.
  3. i have both and i love them equally but yes medium is a bit small to hold every day essential items.

    i cant even fit my LV small agenda if i have my wallet, keys, mobile and my glasses case in it.

    but with the jumbo you can even with extra space.

    i havent used my medium since i got my jumbo. i'll say get the jumbo cos it is more practical.

    here are some pics, first 3 are my jumbo and last two are my medium.

    i'm a little shortie 5'4, i believe you are taller so you'll definitely get away with the jumbo worn as a messenger style with little adjustment to the chain.
    P09-30-07_17_45.jpg P09-30-07_17_55[3].jpg P09-30-07_17_56.jpg DSC02510.JPG DSC02526.JPG
  4. I say get the Jumbo- especially if you don't go to many formal events. The Jumbo is a great size~ :yes:
  5. I always wanted the medium, but once I got it, I just found it to be too small to be very practical. I just found the double straps to be abit cumbersome.

    The jumbo is perfect ;)
  6. I say jumbo too!
  7. Don't know if I'll be of much help. Because of my height, wearing my Jumbo on one chain is the perfect length for me; double chains don't work. Also, the Jumbo is the only size that looks good on me, again, due to my size. I wish I could get an even BIGGER flap, but no such luck. To me, it's all about porportion. I also can't fit what I NEED to take with me in a flap smaller than a jumbo, so, jumbo it must be.
  8. i have both and i love my jumbo alot more! it can be dressy and classy at the same time without compromising on the space!
  9. seems like you lean on Jumbo more, med/lg is longer and definitely wider than LV pochette, but if Jumbo's only concern is single strap being too low on you, just suspend the strap with ribbon/cord inside the bag at your desire level. Learn this trick from Larkie :p:
  10. Jumbo !!:heart:
    The best size, it goes with every occasion !
    And as you said, the strap easy to wear as messenger bag !:tup:
  11. Absolutely Jumbo!! Just bought it and love it so muccchhh
  12. JUMBO!!! I tried on the med/lrg. For some reason, I just find it too small. I guess I like practical bags. I have no problem wearing mine at night. I don't think I'd wear it to formal events or clubs though. I'd use my metallic wallet on chain for that...

    I don't think I'd get a Chanel classic flap in any size BUT the jumbo, that's just me though hehe.

  13. I have to agree. The Jumbo:tup: It hold just about everything you need to carry on a daily basis.

    Good luck with your decision:smile:
  14. I also prefer the jumbo because I love big bags. It's the only size flap I've ever gotten as well.
  15. I have the baby, an E/W, I played with the M/L in the boutique but having read your pros and cons it has refreshed my memory and I think the Jumbo, which is difficult to get hold of anyway would be better as I would have more wear for my money.

    Also I have my other sizes for evening wear, do you have other bags for this?