Classic Flap in Black patent leather

  1. Has anyone seen one in the stores (dept. stores)? I'm very late on this... the Chanel hotline didn't want to give me any info on the boutiques because there were only displays left but said there were some in the high end dept. stores. But when I call them, none to be found.. I'm confused.
  2. I saw one at Saks In Bev Hills 2 weeks ago..I also remember calling a few different NM's and they had it too but this was awhile ago.:s
  3. I saw one at Nordstrom earlier this week and it's still there. My SA always lets me take pictures of all the I think this is what you're looking for? It's black patent(vinyle) in the medium size $1995. PM me if you're interested and i'll give you my SA info.
  4. I think this one is the Secret Label one.
  5.'re's the Secret Label.