Classic Flap Girl Falls For a 'BOY' ** Reveal **


CC is my Religion
Jan 6, 2010
Sydney, Australia
Hello to my dear TPF'ers,

I'm just here to share with everyone something I ordered at the beginning of December. I was so stressed out because I'm located in Sydney and paid for USPS 3-5 day express shipping, expecting it to be prompt... HOWEVER, it did not arrive until 7 weeks later!! I've learnt my lesson, I'll probably never order anything of high value online especially using USPS - they're service is so unreliable!

I know I'm a little late in the game! Nevertheless, I LOVE my new bag. The details are so meticulous and the quality is amazing! I'm totally smitten! Sorry about the bad quality of the photos, they were just taken on my iphone and don't do justice to the bag...I hope you'll all enjoy!



May 24, 2010
Skool of Meds
Gorgeous bag! It is a wonderfully classy alternative to the flap!

I love the brassy and vintagey quality of the chain straps!