classic flap GHW question


Sep 19, 2006
hello everyone!

ive tried searching the forum but couldnt find any answers, so i thought ill start a thread...

my aunt just came back from Paris and told me that chanel has discontinued GHW on the classic flaps... is this true? im confused... isnt the GHW a staple color???

she brought me back the new claire beige caviar medium classic flap in SHW... i wanted it in GHW but she said the sales person said its discontinued... im still happy with my new chanel flap, but i really really would have liked it in GHW.

i need some clarifications... lol



Aug 26, 2009
Hi, thats is really confusing me too,, I just came back from paris 2 days ago and I am going again tomorrow. I am a cabin crew,, flying to paris very often. 3 days ago, they told me they have no more classic flaps with SHW but only with GHW. I called them few times this month before I flew over to Paris and also they told me that they dont have anymore SHW and they normally dont produce SHW for winter as well . Now they told me they have only 5 more classic flaps with GHW medium size in the Rue cambon branch. If you are interested, you can try to call them and ask. the tel number is 01 42 86 26 00, Hope you can get an answer regarding this issue. :smile:
Apr 4, 2009
well i just got my new classic flap bag in from the w/f collection n its in GHW so maybe you can try some other stores :smile: