Classic Flap Fuschia Patent-Yay or Nay?

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  1. Can I get your opinion on this Chanel Maxi Fuschia Patent? What do you think of it? Classic or too trendy? Thank you ;)

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  2. I like the color but not the "patent".I do feel it's trendy and harder to match with clothes due to the shine for a bag that size.

    My honest opinion. :smile:
  3. Thank you! I love the color just not really sure about the patent!
  4. I love the color and the patent just am not crazy about the maxi.
  5. Thank you! Is patent durable? I would need the Maxi for all my baggage :smile:
  6. Honestly I only have a woc in patent, in this color I got it last month, so I am not sure on the durability but my guess is that its more durable than lamb.
  7. Love the color but not really sure about the might be too loud...
  8. I actually found the fuchsia patent was easier to match most neutral shades than it was to match fuchsia lamb... Just my opinion. I love the bluer tone of the patent too
  9. It's a beautiful bag.
  10. Keep it! I like the look of fuchsia patent. It has the WOW effect on me. Patent is more durable than lamb. :cool:
  11. I own both lamb and patent and I personally found patent is easier to use because it's not easy to get scratch, wrinkle and discolor. :smile:

    Sent from fashion addicted 👜💄👠💖
  12. And no scuff marks.
  13. Thank you everyone! I'm still not 100% sure at the moment!
  14. I dont think its a nay or yay: its WOW!
  15. It's stunning! I have had a patent GST in the past and it held up very, very well. My patent wallet is 6 years old, used every day and still looks great. That color is perfect! Snap it up.