Classic Flap for a Chanel virgin

  1. Hi, this is my first time here and getting a Chanel bag.
    I have gathered alot of useful infos here but I'm still contemplating between Beige(my first choice) OR..
    Black(No worry as it's dark but..I wear alot of black clothings..):confused1:

    Do advise too, which hardware I should get for the voted colour.

    Plus, I know this might be a dumb question..(I'm totally new with Chanel line)..what is the difference between double flap/single...? Is it even the same bag as the classic flap? :confused1: :p

    I'm getting the bag in like 4hrs time(my final Xmas shopping!), so your feedback would be greatly aticipated.
    Thank you.:yes:
  2. Hmmm, I just got the black for myself last week. I chose black over white because I thought it would suit everything better and eventual wear and dirt wouldn't show. I got it in silver because I just like the way it looked better. Really though, hardware color is up to you you'll know when you see it. I got the jumbo because it was only a $100 more. But congrats on your upcoming purchase its a beautiful bag.
  3. Thanks for your feedback :smile:
    May I know if you get the lambskin or Caviar?
  4. Ooh how exciting! I like the black in lambskin. Let us know!
  5. I got Caviar, again because of wear. Even the SA told me it was a better choice. Plus I am super clumsy and like to knock into stuff (not by choice :smile: ). So I need durability as well as beauty.
  6. A caviar jumbo -- awesome.
    Lets see a pic :smile:
  7. Yes Handbag_Luvr! We would love to see the picture..:yes:
  8. what's the price for jumbo and medium size ??
  9. Hi Omilee,
    From what I understand the Medium one - USD$ 1,595 and the jumbo + $100 more..
  10. Ibiza has it right on the prices. Here is a pic of the jumbo but my other bags are in there, I just finished my avatar when I came back to this post...

  11. Thanks for the picture Handbag_Luvr!:nuts:
    Now I can't wait to get mine:yahoo:
  12. The medium is very practical and just gorgeous... all the classic chanel i have are medium size.. love them all
  13. Im also waiting my first chanel bag in caviar pink medium classic. How exciting.
  14. So have you got it?!?!?! :happydance:
  15. not yet ... i requested the bag with my personal shoppers as there is no way in sydney i can find one