Classic Flap- colors for 2007?

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm interested in getting a classic flap as my first chanel bag:wlae:

    I really liked the 2006 seasonal colour in light beige lambskin, I acutally saw a few at Chanel store, but my bf said i cant buy it till 2007 because i already brought few LVs this year. BUT today i found out that all light beige are sold (this is in australia btw):hysteric:

    so can you guys, the experts;
    1. please tell me what are the new/seasonal colors for 2007 in the classic flap lambskin?

    2. i like the ivory/cream/off white/light beige colors (are they actually the same colour but just in different names?) or are there several different colors in this neutural shade

    3. what can you fit in the medium size?

    I dont think there is another thread on this, if so please redirect me

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. I'm interested to know the colors too. I'm hoping for a bright red:love: .

    As far as the size, it depends on how much you carry. I carry a lot and I don't think the medium would work for me on a daily basis. I'll probably get a jumbo (only $100 more).
  3. i too want to know what color they will come in the spring
  4. I bought the last light beige classic flap at the Sydney Chanel store. However, when I was purchasing it, I asked for a non-display one. The SA checked the computer and said she should have another one. However, they couldn't find it. So I had to buy the one on display. Maybe check again in case there was another one?
  5. oh yeah, i saw your other posting on vogue forum too...hehehhe..
    oh well i will just wait and see if they bring in out any other similiar colours

    still waiting to see the pics of your chanel after your bday:yes:
  6. I was thinking that I had all my bases covered on the basic Chanel handbags in black and the classic shoes. Then I saw this post and realized that I still need a smaller bag, like a classic flap that I can carry for dressier occasions. I still want it to have the chain and the cc logo. I too would be interested if anyone knows the colors for 2007. Roey-- does Denise have this info??
  7. snobbychick,
    i think they got the medium/small in beige with golden hardware in caviar. i couldnt remember. coz last time i've check on some availability for the large caviar :P *this is in syd by the way.

    am after a light beige/ ivory as well.. but when I asked the SA, she said that she didn't know bout the coming colours. she only said that they're not expecting some colour like ivory in next season..

    well, try melb chanel. last weekend, i went there, and saw the beige classic flap. but that's not what i want. the one in store is with the silver chain. I remember said that it's the last one.

    I really wanna know as well what colours chanel will be havin for next season classic flap :rolleyes:
    does anyone know bout this?
  8. just bumping this up, anyone have any clue on upcoming colours? :sad:
  9. frayed_misfit, ask for Athena she normally tells me what bags and colours are coming in. She very nice.
  10. athena in the sydney boutique? i've called up before they always tell me they don't know what is coming in :crybaby:
  11. I would love to know too!
  12. me tooo
  13. my sa in melb told me she doesn't know, then she said they're not allow to tell, last she answered they are not too i'm sure they have the white in caviar...but i'm on a purse ban. :hysteric:
  14. This is what happened to me at the sydney store...

    I was told that they wont know what they'll be getting until the shipment comes arrives to the store

    they said they encourage customers to visit the store to see what they have
    i reckon that they dont know anything...:hysteric:
  15. that's the unfortunate thing about the chanel boutiques...they won't give you any information...whereas neiman's, Bergdorf Goodman etc., will let you know what is coming in advance so that you can reserve what you want...i don't think anybody will have that information until mid january because the season "officially" ends at the end of that month