Classic Flap Breakdown Sheet

  1. This is the "Chanel Permanents" spread sheet for classic flaps prices. Can't say how I got it LOL winkwink but hope it helps. :graucho: I know lots of people ask about the size and the price. I had to white out the wholesale price or else I might get in a lot of trouble... :s but its not fun to look at anyways!!HAHA

  2. and this must be the mini? dunno exactly what the size nicknames are... but its the smallest one in the chart.

  3. Are the first two med/large's or the 4th one? I'm confused. Does that mean Jumbo's are part of the classic range? (But they went up with the 20% increase.)
  4. Thanks for posting this! Do you mind posting this in the reference library (specifically the flaps thread). I think this would be really helpful there.

    Haha, also, if you have time, do you think you could PM me the wholesale prices? IDK why, but I'm just so curious to know what they are lol.
  5. thanks for posting these
  6. This is nice! Thanks for sharing this info with us.
  7. Jumbo flaps are definitely part of the classic range.

    Only classic Chanel bags were affected by the Nov 1st 20% increase, so that would include classic flaps, timeless clutch, GST, PST, cerf, and whatever else is in the timeless/classic ligne. :yes:
  8. That's what I thought but the prices on the pics would mean the first two are the smalls and the fourth is the med/large but there isnt a pic of the jumbo so I thought I'd check :smile: Thanks for the confirmation!
  9. ^ The Jumbo is smack in the middle at $2650 (went up by $400 on Nov. 1st, from $2250). :smile:
  10. The fourth is a jumbo, not a med/lrg. :yes: I know because I can tell by the dimensions (I have three myself, lol) and the price.
  11. It all makes sense. I forgot these prices are in American dollars. I was wondering why the prices are so cheap (they're around 3200-3400 for a jumbo in Australia)
  12. According to the dim:
    1st is the med/large or large called in Europe
    2nd is the small or medium for Europe
    3rd is the e/w with single chain
    4th is the jumbo or XLarge in Europe
    5th is th Kelly
    6th the clutch
    7th the mini
  13. this should be the e/w =almost same length with the med'large
    #3 above must be something like wallet/pochete on a chain ??
  14. thats for posting this but I dunno which one is the large can anyone help?
  15. Cammy what here in the C/Forum we call medium or medium/large is the 1st one(in Europe it's called just large though)
    Now if by large you mean the jumbo this is the 4th one which in turn it is called extra large in continental Europe(they don't understand if someone says jumbo !)