Classic flap bag

  1. I am seriously considering buying a classic flap bag in medium. I don't know which color to go with or black? I don't have a good day-night bag, so I'm leaning towards black. But I just love the "Chanel pink"!!!!

    Does anyone here own a classic in meduim? How do you like it? Do you use it a lot? When do you use it most (day? night?). How much can you fit into it? Do you find all those pockets useful? If you have pics of it and/or you wearing it, please, please, please post! I would love ANY piece of info that you can give me!

  2. hi there!
    like you, im on a hunt for chanel as well... i think at the end of the day, im going to go for a large... ppl keep telling me that its only like an inch bigger than the medium - so im gonna go for a large (if i can find one i like) and the colour will be black!
    good luck on your search!!! :smile:
  3. Definitely depends on your wardrobe. Do you already wear a lot of pink? In that case, get the black.
  4. I love my medium black caviar with silver hardware. I don't use it too often, but whenever I go out where I k now there is no rain or chance of getting mugged (downtown LA lol), I take it with me. I love it! It doesn't fit a heck lot. I can put in a wallet, keys (in a key holder to protect the leather), lipgloss, and my cell phone. Those are your essentials =)
    classicflap.jpg me and chanel.jpg
  5. I suggest getting black, you'll have more use out of it.
  6. May3545, thank you so much for your post! I LOVE your bag. So, I think I am going to get mine in black, too. Ohhhhh, you make me want one sooooo bad now!

    Thank you everyone for your replies!
  7. Black.
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