Classic flap bag - too old for me?

  1. Hi there!

    Recently, I developed a strong obesession towards Chanel bags, especially the classic flap bag. I'm thinking of getting a classic large black caviar flap but my mom kept on insisting that the bag is too old for me. I'm 22 this year btw.

    Yes, I agree that it might be a little too mature for me, but I just love the classiness of the bag. It's timeless and elegant. Most of my friends are into LV and Gucci.

    Should I proceed and get the classic flap? Or should I just wait and get other more contemporary styles first?

    Kind advice would be appreciated!
  2. I think you should get what you love!
  3. Hi! Not sure that a bag can be too mature for a woman who is attracted to it .... ! Perhaps you're attracted to it because your style is classic & timeless. If you're still unsure --- check the photos of all the young celebs carrying Chanel!! Chanel is for any age IMO and when you fall in love with it is when you should buy it!
  4. to a fellow 22 year old who loves chanel. i bought my first chanel flap in medium size about 2 months ago. and i love it. it is definitely not too mature for us and i have worn it out casually and to smarter events. all friends love it and those who dont recognise the style always ask where it is from.

    so i say go for it!!! you will love it forever!
  5. I'm 24, and I used to think the flap bags were for older ladies...and I never liked them anyway.......BUT, after hanging around this forum for too long, LOL, I got into them, I have a Jumbo black caviar, and a medium/large greyish white caviar. These have become my favorite bags......I love them now!!!!

    You are not too young, just get what YOU are attracted to.
  6. Definately not too young. If it makes you feel better, alot of the younger stars carry the classic flap. Misha Barton, Olson twins, Lindsey Lohan, Paris and her sister, etc.
  7. ^^She's right! These bags are hot with people of all ages. Take a look at the celebrity thread and you can see for yourself.

    I'm huge flap bag lover. I want one in each color and in each size.

    Totally classic and always in style.
  8. IMO, no haha... I turned 25 recently, and have lots of flaps in a myriad of colors... I think that they're feminine, beautiful, and iconic... and they also happen to be my favorite Chanel style. :smile: I think that I can carry them now, in ten years, and way beyond, unlike some other styles I might get sick of after a while. So if you love the flap, then you should definitely get it, whatever your age, and regardless of what others think! :smile:
  9. I'm 22 too! And yet, I owned a classic flap bag from Chanel! :biggrin:
  10. Awwww thanks for the support everyone! :smile:

    I was so upset for the past few days as my mom was so strongly against it. She made me feel as though I'm making a huge mistake for selecting bags that are too old for me. This will be my first Chanel bag and I want to be sure I make the right choice

    It's great to hear so many young women here carry the classic flap!
  11. IMO, when you are young you can carry anything and don't have to worry too much, but when you are getting older then you might start worring that some style actually makes you older.:p
  12. Def get the bag if you love it! And please post modeling pics when you do!! Can't wait to see you rock it. :rochard:
  13. Buy the bag you love.
  14. Goodluck on your first Chanel Bag! :biggrin: Don't forget to post some pics! :biggrin:
  15. Went to Chanel boutique today but unfortunately they ran out of large caviar :sad:.

    I've put down my name on the list and hopefully the SA will give me a ring once they have it in stock. However, I managed to grab a pair of swarovski interlocking CC earrings! :yahoo:Love it!