classic flap bag in diamond quilted or chevron?

  1. I am tempted by this classic flap bag m/l size in black, but still cannot decide which one to choose.
    Could you guys give me some advice? Which one does look younger? IMG_1492750388.827872.jpg IMG_1492750404.652614.jpg
  2. Classic quilt! It's the classic for a reason! I have the exact same bag and it's my absolute fav chanel
  3. I also have a black quilted m/l with shw and it was my first Chanel. I like the chevron too, but I got it in a colored mini. You should choose whichever one your heart yearns for. :hbeat:
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  4. They're both gorgeous! I think the quilted is more classic, but the chevon is more edgy. You really can't go wrong! Obviously the quilted will never go out of style, but I don't think the chevron is much of a risk either!
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  5. Classic all the way.
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  6. I would always choose the quilted over chevron. Classic, timeless - a real 'forever' bag.
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  7. Both are georgeous bags but between the two I think I would go for the classic black. I have my classic black in GHW and the chevron in blue. When I bought mine I had this in mind that I want a classic flap in my collection which I was to use for a lot many years ahead and which will always be in fashion. Then I bought my blue chevon in SHW later (actually this month) :biggrin: for my casual look. Love both the bags. Best of luck in deciding. :smile:
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  8. Classic quilt all the way. Maybe after than you'll get the chevron? :smile:
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  9. I have my classic quilted lambskin and I find I tend to use it for more dressy formal events. I have a chevron jumbo and chevron boy that I find are casual enough to use on weekend.
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  10. I would get the quilted M/L, THEN chevron in rectangular mini, quilted and chevron in M/L in bright colors, then square mini in colors...

    I think you get the idea :P :lol:
  11. Quilted over chevron- Save the chevron for a brighter bag!
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  12. +1

    U are leading her down a slippery slope, Vanana ;););) haha
  13. Quilted!
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  14. Thank you for your advice.
    Your bag is gorgeous
  15. I really appreciate your advice. I will go with classic quilted first, then choose chevron in brighter color later.