Classic fashion icons and their bags

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  1. [​IMG]

    'Jackie Kennedy Onassis made one Gucci bag famous as the "Jackie" bag. The G-G version alone sold a record 6,000 pieces when relaunched in 1999'
  2. This is a great thread, thanks for those wonderful photos. In my opinion, these three women were so classy and had great style. My mom loves Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Grace Kelly. For Christmas one year I bought her two coffee table books - one was a book of never-released photos of the Kennedy family, and the other was a book on Grace Kelly :biggrin:
  3. J'adore Audrey. :love: She is my fashion icon, even though I could never have 1/100th of her sense of style.
  4. Ok lemme tell ya, if Audrey Hepburn carried her "slouchy" LV Speedy, it's obviously really that cool!! Which reaffirms the fact that, I WANT ONE!!:love: :love: :nuts: :cry: :cry:
  5. i prefere marlene dietrich and greta garbo :love:
  6. Didn't Jackie O also make the black Hermès Trim Bag very popular?
  7. These women are timeless beauties and we should be grateful if we have half the style they had.

    --Great Thread
  8. Wonderful pics, thanks for posting the links!
  9. she truly does have more sex appeal on the tip of her nose then i have all together.
  10. Thanks for posting the pics!
  11. I just have to show Audrey Hepburn's pic with her LV Speedy to my mother. She really loves her Speedy!
  12. I know there's a Gucci named after her because she made it popular.