Classic Edith Owners: How does this bag wear over time?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    As you know I am new to Chloe (though learning quickly) and I have tons of questions for you all...your patience is truly appreciated. :biggrin:

    I couldn't find an answer to this one anywhere, but Lescoy please feel free to close this thread if I simply wasn't looking in the right place.

    I am looking at two different Ediths (one classic in red, one hobo in muscade) and am a bit lost. They are similar in price, but the classic one has some light wear on the corners.

    Is corner wear on the classic Edith typical? And how do those of you with classic Ediths deal with it? Conditioning?

    Any info. is helpful, thanks so much!!! (Including any info. on which one you would buy, and why).

  2. I use to own an edith and found it to be very durable. Mine was the satchel, which is a bit larger and was in chocolate brown (not sure of the exact color name.) I've owned several Chloe bags and in my experience they can take a lot of abuse. Some of the lighter colors may fade, or experience color transfer, but the darker colors should stay looking new for a while if you treat them with care. I have to admit that I gave my brown satchel a beating, and by the time I sold it, there was some light wear on the corners, but IMO, if the bag is showing wear it hasn't just been carried a handful of times, it's been carried consistently for a while. Chloe isn't like Balenciaga, where wear might turn up after a few times. Good luck!
  3. The Edith satchel will wear on the corners - basically due to the shape of the bag and the fact its probably going to get bumped a bit and you are going to set it down- even though it does have 'feet'.

    The Hobo is much more rounded of course and is less likely - IMO - to get worn - although it will still come into contact with clothing etc.

    I think what I'd find important in making a choice is the actual bag itself. Do you want a structured bag - as the regular Edith is structured, the leather is firm for sure - but will soften with use. The Hobo is definitely more rounded of course and is not a structured bag.

    it depends on what you want the bag for - is it for everyday, for work, for going out, or whatever. Do you want to wear on your shoulder? If you do - then the regular Edith - TBH - will struggle on your shoulder - the handle drop just isn't that bit. The Large Edith - yes it can fit the shoulder - but the Regular - unless you are tiny really - it will be a hand-held bag. Of course you can buy one with the extra shoulder strap.

    So - depends what you like in terms of wearability - i.e., how you can carry. You have the Roxanne on your list - and that again - IMO - isn't a bag for the shoulder - mine drives me crazy - I just cant abide it on the shoulder - its just too short. The Betty - again - will fit - dependent on the style.

    So what do you want from your bag.

    In terms of the Red - is it Red (Rouge) if it is - then polish will cover the wear - but obviously you do have to be careful what you use - as you don't want that to rub off on clothing.

    Most bags will wear at the corners - unless you keep them in their dustbags - so its really - for me - more a case of what style will fit YOU best.
  4. In terms of durability I would rate edith up as one of the hardest wearing chloes. The construction is solid, the leather is thick, and there isn't hardware that is prone to breakages. It will come down to how much use it is given and how well edith is looked after. I have owned a few different types of edith. The hobo was one of my favorites, as it was just so easy to carry, and after over a year it still looked new.

    Any bag can suffer corner rub, but I don't think the edith is any more prone to this than any other style. If you are contemplating an edith, like Lescoy mentioned - be sure to choose a style that will suit you, but in terms of durability I don't think you will have an issue.
  5. Chloe edith bags only get better with time and wear...
  6. Thanks so much, everyone! Your detailed answers and opinions are very valuable to me! :smile:

    I am very much in the market for a red bag and love the Edith satchel, but am a bit concerned that the style will drive me nuts since I am more of a crossbody or shoulder bag person (I am willing to make an exception for the Roxanne, though - that bag is just too killer to pass up). If I could only get my hands on a red Edith hobo - that would be perfect! (Or one of the ever-elusive Edith satchels with a longer detachable strap).

    Then again, the muscade Edith is calling my name, too. :wacko:

    I am fine with some corner wear - and Chloe bags, like Mulberrys, seem to actually improve with heavy usage and patina (as mono_danya suggests). This is a major attraction for me. I am careful with my bags, but I do like to use and enjoy them all.
  7. ^^ The Red was made in the Regular style, and the Bowler, but from memory not in the Hobo or in the one with the extra shoulder strap.

    The Red (Rouge) isn't a bright red really. Muscade is lovely - its very warm and is definitely a year round colour.

    Mulberry definitely improve with usage :tup:
  8. I used to have three Edith Satchels. One in Whiskey, another one in Mushroom (?) that had the strap, and the other one was the red one. I loved this style so much I went crazy. Then I sold them all off and I've regretted it ever since.

    Still on the hunt for one to add back into my collection.
  9. #9 Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
    Loquita, i¡ve owned a whiskey satchel for over two years now and it shows minimal wear in the corners. It's not my everyday bag, but i am not particularly careful when i am use it. I agree Edith leather is pretty durable.

    Sometimes i condition the corners with Apple Garde stuff and the slight rubbing disappears...

    I also own a lovely Edith long wallet which is beautiful yet really tough. Have you looked into wallets yet? ;)
  10. Thanks for the info. about conditioning! I was hoping that this would be the case.

    And actually...I am looking at an Edith satchel, and there is also a matching Edith wallet on sale at the moment at Ann's Fabulous Finds!!! :nuts:

    You and Chloe are really making me re-think my "no satchels" and "no brown bags" rules now, maria! :thinking:

    You are either a fantastic influence or a very bad one, lol!!!! :P
  11. Ann's Fabulous Finds sent me some extra pictures of the Classic Red Edith that they have, and it is in excellent condition...after looking at it and drooling for more than 2 weeks, I decided to go for it. :yahoo:

    I put it on layaway, though I am horrible at that - I always end up paying off the balance very quickly because I can't stand waiting, lol!!! :nuts:

    Thanks for your help, everyone - the reference library was extremely useful in my decision!!! :heart:

    I fear that this is the beginning of a serious Chloe habit.
  12. congrats - I am sure you will love edith!
  13. Your approach to payment plans rings a bell.

    I am glad to have enabled you...

    The Edith wallet is the most gorgeous, stylish and practical wallet on earth... cant you add it to your layaway plan? I bet AFF would be willing to help!

    Keep us posted... Did the Betty arrive, btw?
  14. Yes, maria dear, we are the layaway girls!!!! :smile:

    (I personally think it's a fantastic way to acquire the designer bag that you want without going into debt - and I always pay cash for everything, anyway).

    I was thisclose to getting the Edith wallet, too - but I resisted. I want it badly, though!!!! :Push:

    I will ask for extra pics, me thinks...:graucho:

    And no Betty yet. She should be here sometime this week, if past parcels from the UK are any indication. I will let you all know the second she arrives!!!!! :yahoo:
  15. Quoting in red!