Classic Def on Insanity: keeping doing the same expecting diff results!!

  1. First, please let me say "I should have known better". It's like that old saying that Insanity is doing the same thing over and over, only expecting different results.

    Longish story: after I got my Cornflower Oval and I decided that I needed more small and bright stuff.

    I thought a wallet would satiate my needs. And I found one at NM in Bleu Glacier: perfect!! Only my Mom fell in love with it and so I let my Dad buy it from me for her b-day. Fine. Perfect!

    I set out to find another for me. :idea: I called a lovely sweet SA at Nordies and asked for a bright colored wallet. She said she had one for me and would send right over. I also let her talk me into "trying out" the Tomato (which I lovedlovedloved but couldn't work into my stupid wardrobe).

    When I got the Bright Blue Wallet it was Anthracite :wtf:

    So I called and asked her to retrieve the items, no prob!

    This time I ask about a black clutch for Mom. The SA tells me she has two Pochette's: one in Bleu Glacier, the other in Anthracite. I quiz her some on the bags/shapes/colors, and feel comfortable that I will get the stated bags.

    ... wait for it ...

    Tada! One is a Bleu Glacier Shoulder and the other is an Ocean Shoulder. :cursing: I am cursing myself for trusting her!! :nogood:

    sigh, I guess this is a sign from the Bag Powers That Be not to spend more money!!! :smash:
  2. You do have some bag luck dealing with SAs over the phone! In my experience I have the most trouble when I want to buy blues sight unseen. I'm not sure why, but distinguishing between FB, Cornflower, Anthracite, Turquoise, etc., seems to be a real problem. I really wish that there was a consistent color naming system across all stores to eliminate the confusion, and consequently, the need to constantly send back items.

  3. :roflmfao:Sorry dear...i know it is not funny at all,but the way you told the whole story makes me :roflmfao: Sorry for those troubles!!:push: Hope you'll solve them the soonest!!:heart:
  4. Amen Chuggie! Blues do seem to pose a particular challenge to the SAs. And Nordies just started carrying Bals recently. And both my troubles were with the same SA (see MY fault for going back!!).

    LOL, Stefyp!! It IS funny, isn't it?!?! :upsidedown::lol::upsidedown:
  5. I should note DH successfull located and bought me a Cobalt/Aquamarine Money Wallet from a wonderful SA at Saks :yes:
  6. where did you find such a man??? mine would never bother doing such a thing, he has no idea what balenciaga is nor does he care....sigh...
  7. You may have had problems getting the right bag shipped but you sure know how to pick a DH! :yes:
  8. My guy drives me nuts -- good and bad!! LOL

    Ok, I think the darker shoulder might be Marine: it's very blue but it's a S/S 2007 (I finally peeked at the tags). Heck, it might even be a very light anthracite even but it's most certainly not a pochette!!
  9. Great hubby...buys designer wallets and knows colors:tup: and comes home with the right ones at that
  10. Aww hmwe46,I'm sorry for you troubles! You're so cute in telling your story though! Cheers, I hope you find what you want, you've been so loyal to your SA!!!
  11. That is terrible...I have that issue as there is no store near me in Australia
  12. Thanks gals :heart:

    I do feel bad buying and returning though-- even though it's not my fault she sent me the wrong bags :nogood:
  13. rats, hmwe46, that stinks after all the time you spent trying to get the right color only to receive a completely different one.:tdown:

    Don't give up!! there are great SAs out there who DO know their stuff! Keep on calling and wishes for the perfect accessory for you!! :heart:
  14. Darn! SAs are getting worse and worse, the naming of the colors suck as well :tdown: I hate returning stuff too so I feel your pain :sad:
  15. I love you Stefy! :p She's right though D, they way you tell a story I can't help but crack up! we must find a way to meet for drinks- it will be a hoot!