Classic colors vs seasonal colors

  1. Hi everyone, I'm a real newbie to BV but after catching sight of a large veneta in real life on a tai tai at a cafe, I am hooked! I couldn't stop drooling at how luscious the bag looked.

    Anyway, I have been trying to read through the various threads and I'm still confused as to which are the classic colors BV produces each season and which are the seasonal colors. Would appreciate any education you lovely folks could give me! TIA.
  2. Classics: Ebano (choc brown), Nero (black), Noce (caramel), and some others such as Bianco (white)

    All others are pretty much seasonal colors.
  3. according to my SA, classic colors never go on sale - is this true?
  4. Generally, classic colours like Ebano, Nero, Bianco, Noce in the classic styles such as Veneta, Campana, Sloane, Ball etc would not be put on sale. Occasionally you may find seasonal or one off styles in these colours be discounted. Seasonal colours do get reduced end of season (only if they do not get carried over the next season).