Classic/"Collectible" Bags

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  1. The newest InStyle discusses some bags that are classic and retain their value as "collector's items" over time.

    The mag lists Balenciaga motorcycle bags, Alber Erbaz-designed Lanvin, and Chanel quilted bags as some bags that are good buys...

    So does anyone buy bags based on what you think are good "investment pieces"?
  2. I do! I buy bags I want and when I grow tired of them or don’t use them as much, I sell them and then I buy new bags.
    Some bags however, I don’t sell, these are the ones I se as collector bags:love:
  3. For some reason I've never really liked many of the quilted Chanel bags outside of the Cambon line. If I had to invest in a bag it would probably be a birkin. I want to buy that with my own money though, so it'll have to wait until I graduate and get a job :biggrin:
  4. From a monetary viewpoint, they aren't good investments. It's hit and miss with many bags, and even then the values don't go up that much. Put your money in a CD and you're much better off.

    From a sentimental view, though, I think they are great investments. If you can pass on a great vintage bag onto a daughter or niece - the bag is invaluable.
  5. I agree:P . The Birkin Bag is a very good choice. I have recently got my new Hermès Jean Paul Gaultier, Shoulder Birkin:nuts: . It was very hard to get and to many $, but I promise you it’s a fantastic bag:love:
  6. Congrats! :biggrin: Post pics!
  7. Yeah wow tintin, what color is your birkin?

    So do you guys think Balenciagas are collectible? After reading the article, I admit that I've been taking better care of mine :embarasse :P

    Even though I'm not a fan, I also thought it was weird that the article didn't mention LVs...
  8. However did you get your Birkin? I have been trying in vain for ages :sad:
  9. When my husband and I were shopping for my engagement ring, my husband asked about 'investment quality' stones. The gemologist (I was in the business so this was really on the up-andup) said that wasn't the way to shop for an engagement ring. An investment stone shoudln't be set and shouldn't be worn. An engagement ring is meant to dazzle the eye and make you happy to wear it.

    I think its the same with bags. The idea of keeping a Birkin or a Chanel for more seasons than you would an Isabella Fiore is just that one has a more durable style and is less beholden to trends. Its not a question of holding its value. Yes, it holds its value if you get 30 years use from your Birkin and 18 months use from your Fiore, but that's why a Fiore is less than $1k and a Birkin is impossible to get even if you have the $.

    Also, some bags become precious 'keepers' because they aren't every day occasion bags. I'm sure I'll run my Fiore into the ground soon enough -- I carry it in the rain, I overstuff it, I'll even toss in a quart of milk that I buy on the corner. My limited edition silver Paddington -- I'm not going to treat it so roughly so it will be around longer.

    Is anyone buying a bag, not because they love it, but because its needed to fill out the 'collection'? Like a museum 'needing' a Picasso and a Renoir and a Degas, etc, etc.
  10. I guess I feel that a bag is meant to be used. Also, if you love it and can afford it, then it's all up to you. I have thought about the bags that I buy, and that make sense to me at the time- purchase and functionality.

    Tintin- do you have pictures of your Birkin??? That is my DREAM bag!!
  11. To me a classic bag is just a bag you've been fond of no matter what season it may be. And it simply isn't something you could retire easily.

    No matter if it's a Chanel, Hermes, Balenciaga, Dior, LV, Loewe, etc...
  12. Off course, here is a picture of my Hermès Bag:love: :love:

    I’m sorry to say that I have no information to give about how to get one. It is a gift from my husband on our wedding day and all I know is that he went to France and when he came home he gave the bag to me. Our day is the 10:th of august so it was a little late, but who cares when you get a gift like this:toung:
  13. Everyone should have one Chanel - the most important designer I think that ever lived - her stuff will always be valuable regardless of age - I love Vuitton but it is so ubiquitious and unfortunately copied to death. Only time will tell about the rest.
  14. I think what makes an "investment" bag (or any other article of clothing, for that matter) isn't about whether it will increase in value, but how well it will "amortize". In other words, if you pay $1000 for a classic bag that you will use 1000 times over 10 years, your "cost per use" is $1. If you buy a $500 bag that you only use 25 or 50 times in those 10 years, your cost per use is $10-$20.
  15. This bag is BEAUTIFUL!! May I ask how much it would set a gal back?? I don't have the balls to walk into Hermes, is it scary??:amuse: