Classic Coach

  1. Does anyone know if the Classic leather bags are lined? The Janice for example. If not will the the color (black) transfer onto something inside the bag?
  2. The older bags are line with signature very cute.
  3. Hmm. The older bags I have are unlined. I've never had a color transfer problem, however I noticed in the past it would "shed" somewhat, nothing major though.
  4. The Older Bags from the 80's and through to the late 90's did not have lining
    in them. I know as I own several Coach Vintage bags. They do shed a bit but it does not bother me at all.:yes:
  5. exactly.

    i own several classic bags and i have never had any color transfer problem whatsoever.
  6. I have an older city bag. It is not lined. I never had a color transfer problem.
  7. The inside is suede. I have had lots of classic Coach bags. Never a problem with color transfer.
  8. Yes, the inside is the raw leather (looks like suede). No color transfer but sometimes little bits of it flakes? off. I have bags from the early nineties and they are still in great condition.
  9. Hi, I'm new to this thread. Can someone who owns a city bag post pics, please? I love that bag. Since I don't live in the US, I would love to see the photos of the bag in real life. Thanks so much.
  10. My classic bag (from 90s?) flakes A LOT... like if you have kleenex in there, they will come out very hairy... leather hair that is
  11. If you go to and click on the link at the top for Coach classics there should be a city bag there. They still sell some of the best selling styles from years past.
  12. I have quite a few of the classic bags and none of them are lined. I never had a problem with transfer and I don't remember a problem with flaking, if there was any, it must not have been enough to bother me. And no, the Janice's Legacy bag was not lined, I have that one. I saw one at the Lancaster, Pa. outlet last week too.
  13. I have several classic bags (started my collection when the catalogs were 4x6 and pretty much the same pictures when they came out every QUARTER lol :lol:). The inside isn't lined, and it does shed a little bit, but nothing awful. I've never had a problem with color transfer. They are great bags and still look new almost 20 years later. Be careful not to overdo it on the leather moisturizer - I did that to a station bag and it made the leather too soft. However, with a little cleaner and moisturizer, I made a stewardess bag that I found at a yard sale for $20 look brand new. Well worth the $$!!!