Classic Clutch

  1. Does anyone know the name or have a picture of the new clutch? - not the timeless clutch I've searched the web and the forum's but couldn't seem to find this new clutch. The SA at Saks says its the classic clutch. SIMPLY TDF!

    p.s. i'm going to send this to my bf as our 3rd anniversary present :graucho:

  2. Hi, I haven't seen it yet, but will look out for it. What does it look like?
  3. I've seen only 2 colors - grey and deep blue. like the timeless clutch, it has the has the CC' closure, flat, square and only difference it has inner pockets. thanks... ive seen it at Saks but im debating wether i should get it or not. TIAA
  4. I think u can get the picture from reference libary...i remember i saw some picture there..
  5. oh thank you... i've searched everywhere! i'll search the reference library again. if you do find the picture, would you mind posting for me? thanks again!
  6. So does the classic clutch look like the timeless clutch then?
  7. No but it has the CC closure similar to the timeless clutch.
  8. I can't find the pic in the reference library. Am I searching incorrectly? Can someone please post a link to it?
  9. I've looked everywhere for this clutch. I'm going to Saks tomorrow to purchase it and will post it for everyone ASAP.