Classic Clutch with Chain

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  1. That one could fit your SE! You'd have an inch at least and more wiggle room—good for phone and cash... I think with the size being a bit larger you'll be able to use it more in the future too. When I first bought Chanel, I went too small so I learned from that to make sure my phone fits and maybe the next phone. You never know with how the phone sizes change each year. Hope it helps!
  2. I know it is smaller than the WOC and somebody mentioned in another thread that the chain is very short, can only be worn over shoulder. Maybe it's not the same bag... Hope to see some mod shots. It's so strange that i can't find any other information, not even on Chanel website. Nevertheless, thank u for your input.
  3. I can’t see your photo but if it’s the one with the removable strap and the slit in the center, I have it and love it!

    Is it this one? If yes, to me... it’s far better than the classic WOC because you can remove the chain and use it as a pure wallet and toss in a tote.


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  4. Well I guess it depends on the body frame. This is a pic of a fashion influencer wearing it but she’s petit. I hope it’s the same bag :smile:
  5. I have this in caviar, if it’s the same one. It’s the same measurements. It’s small, won’t fit my iPhone. Goes crossbody just fine. I’m 5’8” or so with a long torso. But also pretty flat chested and small hips. I posted a pic somewhere in the Nov. reveal thread.
  6. Yes it looks tiny, I am 5ft 7 and a size 12. It will definitely look funny on me :biggrin:
  7. your bag is so pretty!!!! Will research on this. Thanks
  8. [​IMG]

    Does anyone have this piece? Thoughts? I wonder what it looks like worn... can’t seem to find much info online!
  9. From Instagram
  10. From Instagram