Classic Clutch with Chain

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  1. I'm interested in this item also it's $1750 here in the US but I haven't found many reviews on it.
  2. Yes, lusting after this - but very little info available
  3. Hello everyone...since many of you have interest in this piece, I wanted to post comparison pics for you....I have several WOCs & this “wallet WITH chain” (as @FunBagz appropriately calls it...that is the name for it) FunBagz is correct in that this piece has a much shorter chain. It’s great that you can detach the chain but if you use the chain it will hang very snug right under your arm, up close to shoulder. I decided to get my beaded wallet with chain just for special occasions/more fancy attire such as weddings,etc because i thought the beading was so pretty & to use clutch style. You can see the size vs the WOC, they are very similar. The WOC depth is slightly larger, but not much. The interior has the removable case (which i havent used yet) well as an interior zip & some slide pockets. It’s a beautiful piece. Oh, also has an exterior slip pocket on back. Hope this is helpful to all of you!:smile:
    9B306415-6039-4774-B5F3-BCABC0185813.jpeg 91EBCB07-767F-4B70-8B5D-7D2309EEE985.jpeg 6482E979-1618-496A-94F5-982C5D2C6DE2.jpeg E6078328-4B5C-480B-A7FA-FA965D4C7A83.jpeg 8F02BD79-8826-45DF-AEEF-F04EB80935F5.jpeg
  4. This is really helpful thank you! I was hoping to get a mini flap very soon but I wouldn't mind getting one of these if my budget changes.
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  5. You are most welcome/glad if it helped! Good luck on whichever you choose next!:flowers:
  6. It seems what @Kendie26 has is just slightly smaller than the WOC. The new one on the website is only 15cm long (vs 19cm WOC). I am also interested in it but affraid it will be very small to put anything inside. It’s like a small pouch or short wallet size.

    Btw, I love your WOC @Kendie26, it’s gorgeous!
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  7. Totally agree I remember from a few season back $1500 and not sure if there are any available anymore
  8. :goodpost:
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  9. Came accross this video when browsing for wallets. I assume the blue one in the video is the same with the red one above. She said it was €15xx, the new collection is even cheaper at €1450 (thus smaller?)

  10. THANK YOU!! Was literally puzzling about what the heck this wallet with chain is, and your pictures definitely help. Super dislike that you can't wear it crossbody, but wouldn't have known without your post. :smile:
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  11. Thank you all for your advice and comments. I went to Chanel store today and they actually had it in stock. It's a beautiful little clutch/wallet, but the downside: it's considerably smaller than the classic woc, i would 1/4 - 1/3 smaller. It had to compartments divided by a zippered compartement, but i don't know about card slots or slip pockets. Definitely no back pocket. It isn't very deep and i could hardly fit my iphone x, so i didn't try anything else. It's too small for me, i'll keep saving for the classic woc in caviar with shw.

    But my husband was good to me: i got an early birthday present - the small classic cardholder in caviar with shw :heart:
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  12. I’m obsessed with micros and interested in this. Seems smaller than the WOC or wallet with chain.
  13. Hi ladies,

    Has anyone seen this one in person? Any thoughts? I am after a woc to fit my money and iPhone se in there. Does anyone have any insight into this one?

  14. Hmm, not sure that will fit an iPhone at 12cm long.
  15. This one is pretty small in person, the iPhone SE is a hair longer than that clutch. If you go up a size from the clutch to the wallet on chain—your iPhone will definitely fit.