Classic Clutch with Chain

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  1. I think BG may have received the new clutch that is part of the fall collection. It looks just like a classic flap, but apparently has a single flap and a shorter single chain strap. You can see it on in black patent. It is priced at about $2100. I am on the list at both NM and the boutique for this bag in various colors, but would love to see modeling pics if anyone has them to get a sense of the size and strap length. I am hoping I love it because it is a great way to get the classic look with a better price point. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jennifer! :sunnies: Do you know what colors BG is carrying this bag in? I called the other day about its availability but have never gotten a response. I'm also hearing conflicting information that this is not a style being carried by BG at all. :confused1:
    This is the bag I am getting for fall and maybe even through cruise. I love it. Size wise it's larger (width and length wise) but flatter (depth wise) than a M/L flap.

  3. I got pics from a BG SA of what I think is the clutch but couldn't see the strap at all and it was just the front of the bag. If it is the clutch, they got patent black and patent red. I am on the list at NM for black and navy caviar and at the boutique for grey patent. None have arrived yet. I am so anxious to see this bag IRL! This bag, the turquoise mini, and the Act II Dark Grey 227 are the bags I am most excited for the season.

  4. i was at bloomies scp the other day and yes i have seen it in black caviar with shw
    the strap drops as the 00V e/w, it has no loops and the strap is placed woc style but very short, u cannot use it cross body
    the length and height and of the bag is like the m/l, but the depth/width is just about an inch or maybe less because it was has a leather burgundy lining which is a plus

    this is bloomies scp and the sa is kayla

    hth jennifer
  5. Thanks Bevy! I can't wait to try this on. I knew it was a shorter strap. I will just have to see how it looks on once my local store receives it. Good to know that they are arriving.
  6. OMG! There is a caviar version too! This is really great news! I am also findings way to get a better price point caviar flap in classic version. Anw, is the caviar version less expensive than the patent version or they marks the same price?

    Hearing the desciption, it sounds so good! Leather burgurdy lining~~~ LOVE~
  7. Jennifer, great to hear BG is getting this style as well! I've been obsessed over this bag since the trunk show and have checked all Chanel outlets (bloomies, nordys, BG, NM, Saks, Boutiques) re: availability and colors. You and I are both waiting for the same colors and fabrication for this bag.
    It's a great classic bag at a great price point (with no compromise on quality)! :smile:
  8. Thanks for the intel Bevy!

    dinitegrity, caviar, lamb, and patent are priced the same. :smile:
  9. It´s nice. Is it a normal interlaced chain or different chain? Can´t tell from the picture on Chanel website.

  10. Normal interlaced chain. The classic clutch is different from a M/L flap in that (1) they are single flap, hence more room compared to the M/L, (2) shorter and thinner chain which translates to a lighter bag, and (3) single chain so no crossbody wear and chain length is shorter than a M/L flap. HTH! :smile:
  11. Thanks for the intel bluekit. I´ve so rarely seen classic Chanel bags for real and I´ve never looked inside the larger ones. It´s difficult to buy based solely on pictures and get a sense for sizes, space, colours etc. I was actually very surpised when I picked up my JM from the parcel that it was so light.
  12. Arrgh, sad to hear. I was hoping that caviar would perhaps be less expensive. LOL.. But great news still as compare to the Classic Flaps. :graucho:
    Thanks for the info, hoping to see some mod pics soon!!
  13. Yes thats the one!
  14. Thanks G&SMommy/Jennifer for starting this thread :flowers:

    This is the bag I can't get out of my mind after trying it on at the trunk show. The size, capacity, quality, and price makes it an ideal classic flap bag for me! :love: I've gathered stock information on this bag so I hope it'd be of use to someone. Please feel free to add/comment on it. :smile:

    Timeless Classic Clutch Bag
    Style # A65051 Y06830 = Patent Calfskin, Y04130 = Lambskin.
    Price is $2,100 USD+tax regardless of fabrication. They are all in SHW.

    Patent - Black, Red, Grey
    Lamb - Black

    Patent - Black, Red
    Caviar - Black with burgundy lining

    Patent - Black, Red
    Lamb - Turquoise

    Neiman Marcus
    Patent - Black, Red
    Caviar - Black with Burgundy lining, Navy, Brown

    Lamb - Black, Light Beige