Classic Chic or Commercial $hi...?

  1. I was having dinner with my girls tonight @ Sushi Samba and I was telling them that I was considering getting the Pomme D'Amour Cœur Coins Purse.

    Then my BFFL Julia was like "Don't you think that LV has gotten a little 'cheap' & too 'main stream' by selling commercialized things like the Cœur CP, Jack & Lucie, Snowflakes, etc.?"

    That got me thinking : is LV becoming 'too accessible' & commercial, thereby diluting the whole style & tradition that they have worked to build over the years? Or is it just being progressive, daring and avant-gardiste?:confused1:
  2. Feeding consumers what they want - brand obsession?
  3. Absolutly not...just listening to it's cusomers
  4. Um hardly.
    I had a long talk with my SA the other day and the accessory lines have been a runaway hit. I personally understand this as a LOT of times, I don't want to buy another new bag but an accessory is just what I'd like to have. Prior to the release of the beige and black Inclusions, I was really bored by the accessories because there really wasn't anything that ever caught my eye.
    Besides, I think things like this are cute...they add a more personal touch to different pieces and keeps me more interested in between seasons.
  5. A little. I see people with so much lv and with some of the probs people have with it, it makes me ? the quality. Maybe LVaddict had it right and i should really switch to Hemres?
  6. I did like the idea of the groom, not enough at the end to buy it. I didn't like the Jack & Lucie. I do like the heart shape coins purse but it's too "girly" for me.
    I feel like LV is trying to attract a new market with small commercial accessories.

    If you think about it a 12 yo girl would be interested on all the "Hit" of this season:

    - Pastilles keychain
    - Jack & Lucie
    - Groom
    - Heart coins purse

    LV is maybe loosing something trying to attract everyone.
  7. Wow..I got things from all of those lines..Pastilles, Groom, Jack & Lucie, Heart coin purse..and I'm 21.
    However, I think the big thing here is that just because it might ATTRACT the younger buyers, the younger buyers will NOT necessarily be able to buy them. They are quite pricey and it's not like a couple weeks' allowance will cover the price of these pieces. So I do really doubt we'll see many high schoolers with LV accessories...
  8. ITA :yes: .
  9. ya I guess I agree with ya. I kinda miss those non-MJ days when LV was really....'boring' lol, however, this feeling is only temporary. I love Marc and his quirkiness. He brought LOVE back in to LV:biggrin:
  10. :yes: ITA!
  11. We can imagine that the goal is to attract younger buyers, I saw people older than you buying these new accessories. I never said it was for kids either.

    I also like these lines (except the Jack & Lucie) and I'm 26.

    I think it's a change with what was LV even in 2003 with Murakami (which was a big change after Conte de fees and the graffiti) but even at that time they didn't launch specific seasonals accessories for Halloween (Jack & Lucie) and the heart coins purse (Valentine's day).

    In a way it's great cause they respond to the clients expectations.
  12. Lol ITA. My mom also got a Coeur and she has a Jack & Lucie on her bag right now :lol:
  13. Heh :shame: I'm only 13 and I'm saving for something LV...I feel unwanted in the LV community :sad:
  14. Elli I think it's great that you're working so hard to save for LV!
    I personally like a lot of things that LV is doing right now. I am not a huge mono fan, and I was never a fan of LV... until just about a month ago. Now I am loving almost every new thing I see! I adore the heart purse! And I'm 22, so not that young. I think LV is probably just trying to keep it's edge over other major fashion houses.
  15. commercial $hit to me. LV trying to expand their market, but oddly NOT losing exclusivity. I still want my LV trunks and luggage just as much as the next 14 yr old coveting the next inclusion bracelet/ridiculously overpriced plastic resin accessory. I'm sure 12-13 yrs old/tween demographic spoiled millionaire daughters will be able to sport it.