Classic Chanel over Seasonal/Chevron...

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  1. Dear Chanel friends

    I just wanted to knw which is much more worth it to buy...

    classic chanel - classic flap
    Chevron - flap (is this collection consider classic or seasonal? expert need your help)
    seasonal - flap

    correct me if im wrong seasonal can go for sales but not the classic. but I'm not sure about chevron, is it consider seasonal or classic? is it worth to buy?

    help me with my 3rd chanel bag collection...
  2. I *think* the chevron is seasonal. But also classic, if you get what I mean?

    To me the chevron is classic with a twist. I really, really want one, but would have to let another go in order to fulfill this wish. And I can't do that :sad:
  3. love the chevron! it's definitely classic with a twist as Expat said.

    I'm dying to get a blue one or turquoise, not really sure on the proper names of the colours hehe.
  4. In terms of "worth," I think that you have to go with what you think that you would wear the most so that you're doing a cost per wear analysis. Otherwise, I kind of think that it's a toss up. Classic or icon bags will always be around, but their prices are going up, up, up all of the time (and the styles are always slightly changing, like the jumbo/maxis getting the double flap). Seasonal bags do go on sale, but at the same time, they can be rare later on because they may not be reissued from one season to the next, thus making them, at times, an amazing investment (look at the Olsen totes, for example, that can sometimes command 2x the retail price from 8-9 years ago).

  5. i think u a right.. I think I will go for classic, worth investment the price keep on increasing... but if the seasonal really catch my eyes will get one of those too...
  6. Does chanel go on sales? in my country, it never!
  7. I bought my Chevron seeing it as a classic with a twist and I love it for that!