Classic Caviar Jumbo Double Flap

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  1. #1 Oct 3, 2012
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2012
    I really want to purchase this bag!! But I want to know if it's possible to get it with black lining?

    -- I forgot to add, I understand that black lining stopped last year, but wanted to know if any boutiques would have any old stock? if not for jumbo then medium/large??
  2. Black lining was for the single flap right? You'd have to ask Chanel if any is still left. Otherwise try eBay
  3. Yep only Single Flap Jumbos had the black lining for Caviar. In November 2010 Chanel switched to the burgundy lining when they changed to double flap. Lambskins were burgundy before. WOW, It's been almost 2 years now for double flaps, ewwwww lol.
  4. I like the double flap :/
  5. I like the double flap design too! Perhaps it fits less so some ppl prefer the single flap better.
  6. I like the double flap too.. I think the double flap kind of prevents the top of the flap "between the chain" to be flatten.. holding it in curved shape. just my silly opinion :P
  7. I prefer double flaps too. I think over time they'll keep their shape better.
  8. another vote for double flap!
  9. i like double flap much better
  10. I prefer the double flap because the bag retains it shape better over time, however it makes bag heavier. I have single flap bags that are wonderful to get in and out of, but the lack of rigidity does concern me, especially where lambskin is concerned.
  11. This is super helpful information considering I am in the market now for a classic jumbo flap. Thank you :smile:
  12. I love the double flap. It does retain structure better but it also makes me feel like the bag is more substantial. Aka it's not just a bag but has more unique aspects to it and while I don't like the price at least it gives more if you understand what I mean.