classic caviar in white?? or beige?

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  1. hi-

    i am in a waiting list for classic caviar in white jumbo silver h/w, not sure if it's the smartest idea to get a white bag since it might get dirty.l
    does anybody own a white classic? is it easy to take care of?
    i would never get light color in lambskin, only in caviar.

    would it be better to wait till they have light beige again and get it?

    need some advice!

    thanks a lot.
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    Last edited: Feb 12, 2010
  3. I used to have a white jumbo caviar and it was extremely easy to look after. Had no problems whatsoever. Never used any products on it either. I would go for white if you are planning on getting a jumbo. I prefer the beige in medium/large :smile:
  4. I like both.

    Have m/l white caviar ghw was on order at Hirs.
    And the jumbo beige caviar ghw is on waiting list.
  5. I prefer beige caviar! ;)
  6. I really love the new Beige Clair Color!
  7. I like beige!
  8. I like the beige better
  9. I like beige better, I might be a bit prejudiced but I would personally be afraid of getting the bag dirty.
  10. Oh my, white with SHW is simply divine! This is one of my dream combinations if it wasn't for the fact that I've heard white caviar yellowing over time. :sad: But, since it's caviar it won't be a problem keeping the bag clean, don't worry about it!
  11. I think the safer bet would be the beige. Although the white might not be as high maintenance as you would think, it can turn to an off-white sort of color 20 years down the road regardless of how careful you are with your bag. I guess if you went with the white, it'd eventually turn beige...
  12. Beige caviar is much easier to maintain than a white caviar. I find the white much more refreshing and matches everything well. Owning both i'm more careful when wearing the white caviar.....due to clothing transfers.
  13. i have the white jumbo and haven't had any issues with it!
  14. I think that the white would be soooo pretty.. especially with the contrast of gold h/w. but id never (unless i had loads of money to spare) get a white one because i know id get it dirty and id definitely cry the second i saw a smudge or spot, especially if i couldnt get it out.
    So yea id probably go with the beige..
  15. thanks everyone!