Classic Caviar Flap - White or Black??


White or Black Classic Caviar Flap

  1. Black

  2. White

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  1. I am going to buy my first Med/Large Classic Caviar Flap... :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Should I get it in White or Black?? Color wise, I really really love the white color... I am just not sure whether this bag is better in White or Black..
    Please help... :confused1:
  2. Both!!
  3. Both = major debt... I can only afford one... :sweatdrop:

  4. They have a few left at the Botique in Las Vegas at the Bellagio!! I just bought a jumbo white!! 1 vote for white!
  5. Also...go with your heart...whichever color YOU love!!!
  6. Black! But I agree.. go with the one you love!
  7. I'm partial to black.........cos I just got one!!!! But really, whichever you think you'll get the most use out of. I'd love to have a white one too!!!!
  8. I voted for black but if you can get them both, that would be perfect. I love my black one because it can go with either casual or dressy wardrobe. You can dress up or down with the black. But the white....well...let me think...sorry no idea because I don't have white one just yet. Both are gorgeous though.
  9. Black to me just always seems to be the most classic. So . . . black got my vote. I also just got the black, so of course I am biased!:yes:
  10. ^^ ditto (lol!!!) :p
  11. yea i got the black because it will always stay a classic 80 years from now, but after that, i knew i couldnt live without a white either...
  12. I have both, but the first one I got is the black. I love them both. The white one is more striking though.
  13. Get black and purchase the white later :yes:
  14. I say go with black for your first purchase.
  15. AMEN!