Classic Caviar RED or BLACK?

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Black or Red???

  1. Keep the Red!

  2. Look for Black!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I was able to find this clutch in red but thinking maybe I should've gotten the black...

    Should I keep searching until I find the black or keep the red (which I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE). Would black be a better investment (would get more wear out of it...would go with more colors)? I want my next bag to be a Black Classic Flap though...maybe a red clutch is better?

    I need your opinions! Thank you!

    Edit: I wrote the name of the clutch wrong in the title... It's the Classic Clutch in Caviar, not the other way around...
  2. since your next bag will be the black flap, I think you should definately stick with the red. It will go with tons of outfits and would look so spicy with an all black outfit imo.
  3. You seem to like the red. A bag is not only an investment, it is also true love. If you love the red keep the red!!!
  4. i have the black and love it i dont have the red but i love it too ... i think im confusing you more lol
  5. i vote that if you're going to have a black classic flap, then keep the red clutch.
    i think red would look nice with many outfits too.:smile:
  6. I vote for red. since you are getting the black classic. Beside, red is a beautiful color for a clutch. More outstanding...
  7. I voted for black. I've seen both and I think the black is classier as well as more practical. The red is gorgeous, though, so if you're in love with it, keep! I don't think you should let your classic flap decision affect your clutch decision, though, as they are bags for different occasions.
  8. well said nerdpahnie :tup: they are indeed bags for diff occasions i have 3 chanel caviar bags all in black and they are all for diff occasions.
  9. Keep the red! Red is harder to find than black! :biggrin:
  10. I say return the caviar red and get the lambskin red. I saw one at NM Newport Beach couple weeks ago. It's gorgeous.
  11. I had the same dilemna as you but decided on the black because I knew I would get more use out of it.
  12. I kinda like the red..
  13. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate your opinions! I decided to go with black, so I bought one over the phone today. I know that I will get a lot more use out of black and this color is not that easy to find, either!

    The red is going back. So, if you want it, PM me and I will let you know when/where I am returning it. I didn't use it, so it looks just the way I bought it!
  14. I love both color. Your black is perfect!

    I own a white one. Now I think I should got the black one instead.
  15. i love the red, keep it! :yes: