classic but girly

  1. hey girls...

    i'd like to buy a designer bag thats under $600, girly, feminine, but classic too. not something trendy though...

    i have a few coach and d&b bags, but i'd like something a little higher-scale.


    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  2. This Gucci bag is girly, feminine, and classic. It also comes in tan. It costs $570.
  3. What size and how much are you planning on carrying? How bout a Speedy 25 or 30? Those are very classic and will never go out of style.
  4. i have this bag in tan and pink and i love it! great suggestion
  5. I like the Gucci bag--- it's very cute!!!

    I'm only 5'1'', so I generally stick with smaller bags. The LV Speedy 25 would probably be as big as I would get...

    Any other suggestions???

    Thanks so much girls!!!

    ~Miss Juicy Couture~
  6. speedy 25.. i have it.. its beautiful! i would like something bigger, like a 35, but for now, 25 fits my life :smile:
  7. That Gucci's cute!

    Missjuicycouture, I know you said "designer" so you're probably expecting names like YSL etc.

    Ever considered lesser-known names?

    These are, IMHO, elegant and feminine.

    Glenda Gies blue and yellow Jackie handbag
    Glenda Gies Pink Wool Baby Jackie
    Glenda Gies Jackie in seafoam chenille
    Glenda Gies Jackie in red chenille