Classic Box or Trotteur?

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    Which one would you pick?

    1) Black w/ gold buckle classic box leather bag


    2) Black w/ gold buck Compact or Medium size grained calfskin trotteur bag

    My current daily bags on rotation: Black Soho Disco and Navy blue liege box bag. I'm definitely not interested in a light color bag as those have never been for me. Adding somewhat "structured" bag into the spectrum would be nice rotation. I feel like between the soho disco and my current navy box bag, I am missing that one bag that fits into the middle of the two.

    I obviously love the classic box and I know it works well into my wardrobe, but feel it doesn't really make sense to get another classic box? :P I also love the casual but somewhat dressy look of the trotteur. It's definitely a bag that is different from the ones I already reach towards. Do I follow my brain and get the trotteur or follow my hear for the classic box? :biggrin::confused1:

    What do fellow TFPers think?
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  2. I don't own the Celine Box bag but i do think it is absolutely beautiful. However considering you already have one, it might be nice to try another style. I think the Celine Trotteur bag is so chic. The grained leather is fuss free and easy to manage. I however am a huge fan of the smooth leather Celine bags, i think they look so luxurious and i love how they age. I think Gucci Disco, Navy Celine Box and Celine Trotteur is a fabulous handbag collection. Good luck deciding.
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  3. I love the look of the Trotteur but when I tried it on in the store, I found the base (bag depth) to be quite narrow so even though the compact size isn't "small" per se, it doesn't hold that much (esp. compared to the disco, which holds an amazing amount despite its compact size). Just something to consider, depending on your capacity needs.
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  4. Vote for Trotteur
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  5. I love the medium box and all the compartments, the middle one which is so spacious. I looked at the trotteur but found it small inside and although I do like the hardware on it there's something about the shape of the box that I prefer. I will be definitely considering another box bag in the future so no reason not to own more than one.
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  6. that's a tough choice!! i agree that the trotteur looks a little more dressy... so if you already have a box bag, maybe go with the trotteur instead?? something new and different :biggrin:
  7. I have a dark gray trotteur that I love and a red medium box that I adore. I used both for two separate reasons/occasions. I say go for the trotteur. It's easier to switch from day to night for me.
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  8. Thank you for all your input everyone! I decided on the black grained trotteur bag. It's the perfect addition next to my box bag and will be easily rotated in my wardrobe :smile:
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  9. Awesome question, I saw you made your decision. Please share pics of your Trotteur when you bring it home!

  10. I just brought it home and very happy with the decision. The SA who helped me at my local Celine store was very much on the same page with the trotteur bag. A care tip he mentioned was that the bag can be brought back to Celine store and they will rebuff/repolish the brass closure for you if it tarnishes. I didn't know about that and thought that was really neat!
    Thank you again for all your input and help!

    Here is the black grained compact Trotteur bag
    and a side by side picture with it's "older sister" , Classic medium box

    I hope these pics can also help any fellow TFPers who are having the same debate about the two bags

    IMG_1497229896.383440.jpg IMG_1497229911.465792.jpg
  11. Both are beauties, congratulations!
  12. Congrats, love your new Trotteur. Is the shoulder strap adjustable? thanks! :biggrin:

  13. Yes the strap is adjustable.
  14. It's gorgeous :smile:
  15. Congrats, it's lovely!!! :biggrin::heart:
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