Classic black tote needed...Help!!!

  1. I need to buy a really nice tote in black leather for formal occasions like interviews etc...

    I would appreciate your recommendations...Thank you.
  2. I just discovered the HH sonia tote...what do you think? HH black tote.jpg
  3. Black Balenciaga City?
  4. Chanel Cerf tote, smaller size.
  5. What's your budget, please?
  6. classic black leather tote.. Chanel Cerf of course.
  7. I have heard some good things about this bag - Bessie has some pictures up of this bag in her thread about her trip to HH in Brooklyn - it seems like a nice bag

    As for another to recommend - perhaps the Cole Haan Paige convertable tote? I have also heard some good things about that bag - no worries about quality - I have several Cole Haan items and they held up wonderfully - I am not sure where we can find one now tho...

  8. Thank you all so much.My budget is b/w $800-$1000.
  9. Cole-Haan just posted their fall collection. The Paige convertible is renamed under the "Aerin" label. Still $450, they are made from a new leather. (See black, below). And there is a deluxe gorgeous one in "luggage" -- an Italian leather for $795--kind of Mulberry-esque.


  10. Ooh thanks for the tip! This is one of the bags I am considering to get - either that or the botkier sasha duffle....
  11. Chanel and LV in Epi range would be a nice choice.
  12. Jenny Yuen Murphy Tote...for sure!
  13. This Jenny Yuen looks amazing -- and so classic!
  14. [​IMG]
    I like this one from Stella McCartney.