Classic Bayswater

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  1. I want to know the details of the classic Bayswater coz I want to order one. Thanks.
  2. All the details are on the mulberry website.
  3. I know that the classic is NVT after Darwin but I dont know the interior. Is it brushed leather or suede?
  4. Hi! I want to get the iconic Bayswater but I want the original one. It's NVT right? Whats supposed to be the lining of this? Suede or Brushed Leather? By the way which is better, the suede or brushed leather?
  5. The interior is brushed leather, meaning the back of the leather is brushed. A suede lining would involve the suede being sewn into the inside of the bag, making it heavier and more expensive. If you're buying a current classic bays there is only the option of brushed leather.

    Hope this helps answer your question. :smile:
  6. Ok i get it now. But which do you prefer? Which would not make your bag slouchy over time?
  7. Some of the bags have the microfibre lining, which I'm personally not keen on; all of mine have the brushed leather, which smells glorious! Some leathers are naturally more slouchy, and more inclined to "puddle" than others; the croc embossed leather is far stiffer than, say, my oak nvt - and my sheepskin Womble has puddled from day 1! She has a fluffy, sheepskin lining but is a very lightweight bag. I've bought a couple of Bayswater liners from Jon and Louise at Love Lolo, which helps keep my oak and graphite girlies more upright! I hope this helps!
  8. Here's my nvt oak Bayswater with the teal Love Lolo inside; you can see the brushed leather lining on the flap.

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