Classic Ball---price anyone?

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  1. I went to the BV store in NYC. First time in a boutique....OMG! I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Only wish I had been able to buy something. So sad.

    Now to the poont....I was quoted $1490. for the classic ball. Is this right? I thought it was around $1990. I am confused, are there two sizes?
  2. How odd. There is just one size for the classic Ball bag. Did you see the tag? The SA must have mispoken.
  3. I know that one of the BV SA's mentioned that the classic ball bag is actually going on sale this season, it could be the old ball bag (with the compartments) as opposed to the new ball bag (with the pouch). Either way if you can get one for $1490 go for it, this bag is a beauty!
  4. I'd jump at that price!
  5. syma-it the old ball is going on sale that would account for the price difference. it would be 30%. the sale should be soon because i think the pre sale is in the next two weeks. that is a fabulous deal. i wonder if nero or ebano will go on sale. truthfully i prefer the old ball.
  6. oh Lawdy how I want one of these!!:drool:
  7. Annie9999, I prefer the old ball as well! I should imagine the classic colours in the old ball will go on sale, Swanky you should grab a bargain!
  8. wow, the old ball is going on sale? how tempting is that!! I guess that means it's really being discontinued, a bit sad...
  9. :sad:I find it sad as well. That bag is such an iconic piece
  10. so should we be trying to snap up a piece of "history"?
    I mean, what will people prefer, the old or new one?
  11. I love both the old ball and the new ball. :love: I went to NM today and fell in love with the carmino (red) new ball bag. It's divine in person. My BV SA said that the old ball is not on sale in the classic colors but it is being discontinued. Not sure if Samuel can verify this? :girlsigh: I love how the old ball has a zippered old but I think I would probably purchase the new ball bag since it looks dressier.

    Swanky you should definitely add one to your lovely collection. :flowers: