Classic Balenciaga at TJ Maxx

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  1. So I was shocked to see a Classic Part Time in Powder Pink at my local TJ Maxx. It was marked on sale for $1000 and some change (from $1595). I wish I took some pictures but, alas, I didn't :sad: Are these deals pretty common? Or is powder pink not a popular color? I thought it was beautiful, but I'm not familiar with Balenciaga leather and I'm afraid of color transfers.
  2. Wha?!


    That is a pretty color - any major flaws that you could see?
  3. Nope, no stains, scratches or anything. Because of the color, it would be easy to see if it was dirty, but it was immaculate! I hope I won't regret not buying it later, because I'm sure it's gone by now.
  4. Wow! In what city is the TJ Max?
  5. I wasn't even there and I regret you not buying it! :lecture:
  6. This must be a regional thing - I was looking at the TJMaxx finds thread in the shopping section and saw how there were so many high end designers (Chloe, Proenza, etc...) at their local TJMaxx's.

    Here in South Alabama the most I see are metallic Michael Kors bags. Ha =) I've never seen anything more expensive than $250 at our local TJMaxx.

    I'm visiting my family in my home city of San Antonio next week - I wonder if the TJMaxx on the more affluent side will have anything interesting.
  7. Some states have "runway" tjmaxx's and those are the ones with high end brands you can look at their website online to see if you have one near you. The one closest to me is pretty far I've only been there a few times and the high end stuff they have is hideous and grossly overpriced and usually trashed. Ironically it's the only one I've seen Bal knock offs at.

  8. I had no idea about Runway TJ Maxx! There's one an hour from me. I actually took some graduate courses right by the store, so I'm familiar with the area. Thank you!
  9. Wash, DC


    Interesting info about the "runway" TJ Maxx, I had no idea! I rarely go there, but now I'm starting to think that I should stop by more often.
  10. There was a black Bal City at our TJ Maxx last summer and it turned out to be a fake so you have to be careful.
  11. The one near georgetown?
  12. No, it was in New England. And you could tell it was a fake. I reported it and they removed it so no one bought it.
  13. I saw a Bal bag last year at my local TJ Maxx in NYC . The one on Wall st. (Entrance isn't on Wall, it's on Nassau st.)

    It was an LE bag I guess. Looked and felt like rubber. Was Black with gold handles and edges.
  14. NP I found out about them on TPF lol.

    You must have a good one, I think it's a bit hit or miss I see stuff posted in the TJMaxx finds and I never find anything good at mine. Maybe these people just are in the right place at the right time but the runway location closest too me is a total joke and I wouldn't bother going out of my way to visit them. I tend to have more luck at Nordies rack.

    Was it a fake or a knock off? I've seen knock offs of Bbags ironically at the runway location I visited. It was the same shape, design, and GH of a Bbag but was a combo of pleather and straw. I had to search my photobucket a bit but I found the pics I took of them. They have sensor tags on them I don't know why they were only $30-40 and hideous no one is going to steal them lol.


  15. those have to be the most hideous things I've ever seen