Classic bag recs needed ASAP - birthday gift

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  1. Looking for a HE bag to buy for my mom for her birthday - would prefer it to be black leather, but doesn't necessarily have to be - she also likes red a lot, but i'm open to other options as well. Preferably, it fits over the shoulders and isn't too heavy. Also, I would like to buy a bag that will hold some value down the line, any recs?? birthdays soon so any idea recs would be great! Thanks
  2. What price range are you trying to stay in? How large of a bag would you want it to be? That's so nice you're doing this for her.
  3. As you can see on this forum, Gryson is growing as a brand and makes amazing bags. This woven cerise (red) Olivia is great and has 2 strap options.
    Plus you can use the code Toutie to get 20% off as well.
  4. How about a chanel?
  5. How about Louis Vuitton Epi in red?