Classic bag or classic watch?

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  1. #1 May 4, 2016
    Last edited: May 4, 2016
    Hello everyone. I'm wondering what I should do about my next shopping dilemma.

    I was originally considering trading in my watch for the larger size and getting my first Chanel or a different brand woc. But as I've been saving I realized I'm already half way way there to a Chanel jumbo which is my current holy grail bag. I've wanted this for years. At the same time, the ballon bleu is one of my holy grail watches which was why I purchased the small one two years ago.

    I am wondering if I should hold off on the watch for a couple of years and continue to save for the bag or if I should wait a couple of years for the jumbo. I cannot do both right now as I am redoing my apartment/considering buying a house.

    What would you do? Thanks
  2. I think since you already have the smaller version of your HG watch, I would recommend that you save for your HG bag.
  3. I agree with NYC. If you already have the smaller watch maybe save for the bag. A watch on the wrist is worth a bag on the arm... :smile:
  4. WOC is the most versatile bag I own and I adore my 36 BB!
  5. Keep the bb watch and save for jumbo! So u will have both!!
  6. Work towards the Chanel. I also think your current watch looks great on you as I prefer smaller watches.
  7. +1 as you already have a beautiful watch I'd go for the Chanel Jumbo, then you can enjoy both. It's a Gorgeous bag, it will hold its value and last you a life time if you want it to. It will also stand out far more than a watch upgrade and give you pleasure everyday you carry it.

    I also agree with other comments that a smaller watch looks good, it won't date in the same way and you can always trade it in when you're ready
  8. If I remember correctly, your BB watch looked great...get the Chanel Jumbo!
  9. Thanks everyone for your input!
  10. Keep the watch. I had a Chanel Jumbo and was underwhelmed with it. Took a loss on it. I thought it was ridiculously huge on me? Have you tried it on yet. I have a mini Chanel and I more prefer the medium size. Good luck, but I would keep the watch, such a beauty.

  11. What did you decide LVoeletters? I'm sure we'd all love to know.

    I agree it's best to try the Chanel flap and really have a think about what size is right for you and what you will use it for. I think the Jumbo only overwhelms if you are shorter, having said that I've seen some very petite girls looking absolutely stunning wearing theirs. :biggrin:.

    I have a medium and love it but I only carry as an evening bag or when I need to travel light. It doesn't hold enough for me to use as anything more, I usually end up trying to decide what to take out to get the essentials in :nuts: the Jumbo would have been a better size for me but then I wouldn't have used it in the evening :lol:
  12. Good point Mulberry, also take my advice with a grain of salt. I am a minimalist and prefer smaller bags. Plus I am tiny. haha! But definitely take into account what you carry. Good Luck LVoeletters!
  13. I am the same way Nikki. If I have to carry a purse or bag I prefer something small that I can toss over my shoulder and forget it is there. But I rarely ever go anywhere so I can usually just put everything I need in a pocket or small wristlet type purse.
  14. Definitely love my small bags. Glad to see I am not the only one. I now use a 18 Picotin everyday and I have more than enough room and before I switched out, I was using a Fendi Mini Peekaboo. :smile:
  15. Chanel WOC is my smallest bag but I hardly ever use it. I leave a credit card, money and key in it so if I just want to pop out to the shop it's handy.

    At any other time I'd need something far bigger ;) I definitely don't usually leave the house without everything I could possible need for several days. :lolots: I wish I could manage with less but it just doesn't work.................I need to cover even contingency. :biggrin: