Classic bag but New bag reveal...

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  1. I alway like the style of the duffle bag. I have dreamt of finding a classic old style duffle bag on eBay or a consignment store like many ladies on here have. I have never bid on eBay because I am scared of getting scammed. We don't have nice consignment stores near me. I do not pay full price for Coach always buy from outlets. I ran to the outlets this morning to get some running clothes at Under Amour. I had to stop at Coach to see if they had anything nice. I did not need another bag but could not resist. I saw this gorgeous bag on the top shelf all alone. When I tried it on I knew I had to take it home. The mushy leather and beautiful color got me. Classic leather duffle bag in British tan.


  2. Wow, congrats!! Love that color!
  3. wow! These hardly ever make it to the outlets. It must have been a return. Lucky you! How much was it?
  4. Such a lucky find. It's always when you least expect to find something too. Congrats on your pretty new bag!
  5. I was surprised to see it at the outlets too! They said they unpacked from a shipment box yesterday. They lost the hang tag after unpacking it. The SA found the willis tassel hang tag from the back room and let me have it since it sorta matched. They had a whole container of tags but she only said I could have one. The bag was 40/30 off $398 so roughly $168+tax.
  6. The SA told me they had 16 boxes coming in today. They will unpack a few tonight and should have some good stuff this weekend. She did not tell me though. This was at the Hershey Tanger Outlets.
  7. wow! You got a bargain!
  8. I love that bag! I tried it on at Nordstrom a while ago.
  9. Beautiful bag!!!
  10. Gorgeous--love the color!! Congrats!
  11. So pretty and soft looking! Congrats on a fab find!
  12. Wow, lucky find and gorgeous bag!
  13. I was at the boutique store today and they had put out the new floorset last night, so I imagine that overstock will be showing up at the outlets soon!
  14. Love the color! Congrats!
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    I think the Willis tag is really cuter on the bag than the one that would come with it.