Class Speach on Designer Items!

Nov 2, 2006
So for my last assignment in speech class we have to do a persuasive speech. My teacher was saying how one of her students told her she bought a $300. purse for her 8 yo daughter. Then my teach starts saying how she doesnt understand how people spend so much $$ on "designer" items. Like clothes and purses and such.
As soon as she said that I was like :wtf:OH NO she didnt! :boxing:

So now I have decided to do my speech on designer items :graucho:and why sometimes they are better and cost more due their excellent quality.

For my examples I was going to bring in some of my purses, and some of my mothers that have been passed down from my grandmother and set them all up on her Louis Vuitton trunk that is older than her and I to show how long they have lasted and the excellent condition that they are still in. I am also going to bring in some really cheaply made purses and show how they will not hold up as good or last as long as our "ridiculously" priced designer purses so that they can compare them side by side.

I also want to mention the value they still, and will always hold.

Does anybody have any other ideas or suggestions for me to mention in my speech?
Mar 24, 2007
- NyC -
I think you have a great idea for your speech. The points you've made are very good and esp. with your bags to show them in really life is good. You can show how the more expensive bags hold up and don't rip and tear.

You can also compare it to how people drive Hondas/Toyatoas to Lexus, BMW, etc. It's the same idea because your paying more money for better quality. Something that's going to last a long time.