Class Rings

  1. I'm currently designing my senior ring (i'm a junior), and it got me wondering what people do with theirs years down the line. Do any of you still wear it or have you passed it on? Also, any suggestions to design would be helpful as well. Right now I'm thinking gold with mother of pearl...
  2. no one wears theirs after high school.'ve never met anyone who still wears theirs.
  3. whatever you do - NEVER give it to your boyfriend!! I gave mine to my boyfriend at the time to 'wear' because i 'loved' him - and of course the next time we fought, he threw it into the ocean.

  4. monablu- that's horrible! i can't believe he actually did that.
  5. I don't wear mine anymore. The funny thing about that is, I'm still in high school. Graduating this year. lol

    Here are some pics of mine... I got white gold, with a black onyx stone.


    P.S.- Please bear in mind that my school only offered two precious metals (gold and white gold), and a two fake metals imitating these two mentioned; also only two stones, black onyx, or some yellow stone. They were so strict about keeping the theme of school colors... black and gold. I thought it was so dumb...
  6. My friends have never worn their class rings past high school. I think it's a waste of money. I'd rather not remember high school. A yearbook is enough for me.
  7. my best friend in hs and i got the same style and wore them off and on until i we each got engaged (we both have this weird thing about only being able to wear one ring at a time). but it's not a traditional class ring. it's 10k white gold and has three 10 point diamonds with x's on either side of them. one shank has my name and the other has the year i graduated with the initials of my hs in the inside. i love that ring. it was the first nice piece of jewelry i bought for myself. :smile: i wouldn't have personally bought a class ring if they hadn't offered this style. the others were not my taste.


    i only know one girl who is out of high school that still wears hers. she is hispanic and the ring is exactly her style. it matches everything else she wears. my husband's is in a box. my brother took his off symbolically on graduation night. i had to stop him from chucking it in the ocean or off the bridge into the river. :smile: my friend's fiance replaced his with a fraternity ring in his soph. year of college. that said, i think high school rings are a right of passage. you should get one if you like the style. i say sooner rather than later...then you can wear it longer. my brother got his soph year so he could get the most wear out of it. i bought my at the beginning of junior year. it was not unusual for people to buy them that early at my school.
  8. i'm 20 and i don't wear mine anymore, it's just too bulky. i got white gold and garnet. i had debate and academic letters, so i put a gavel on one side and a scroll on the other. we had such cheesy symbols to choose from!

    i'm definately going to get a college ring, though, they're much sleeker and the design is a lot better.
  9. Mine is the "typical" class ring. However, at my high school you generally get them as a sophomore. I'm not sure why, it's just what happens. Mine is white gold with a pink sapphire stone. On one side it says my name and has a picture of a barrel racer under it and the other side has my graduation year (2005) and our school's mascot. For some odd reason, I still wear mine. A lot of people I graduated with whom I've run into around town still wear their's. I figured I'd give it a year after graduation, then I'll tuck it away. Lol.
  10. i wear my class ring all the time (didn't get one for hs but i have a college one)......but it's not the conventional class looks a lot like just a regulat's white fold with 4 baguette diamonds and a pink stone and i think it's just cute :P
  11. i never purchased one.. am i missing out?
  12. I was so bummed in HS when I couldn't purchase one. But looking back, that was a good decision. My best friend never wore hers in college. So, probably a waste of money for her...
  13. Years ago when I got mine, I got a pinkie style with my semi-precious birthstone in it. I wore it for years, but then as it became too small I wore it on a rope necklace thinking if I ever had a daughter... I have two boys and that's all, so I put mine on a charm bracelet. Which I never wear. But I like that I have it.:biggrin:
    Never bothered to get one from university though. :amuse:
  14. I haven't worn mine in years, but I got 14 karat gold with a white sapphire or as u could call diamond the stone for april anyways. i just got the year i graduated and a cross, i was a good girl back then...
  15. I had one I never wore. Its gone now. I didn't purchase one for my daughter. I encouraged to go to the jewlery store with me and she has a beautiful diamond ring she can wear for a lifetime!