class reunion or vegas with tp forum

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  1. should i go to vegas or the class reunion. no one i care to see but do you all think im crazy for wanting to go to vegas with people i have never met ? or should i go back and see people i went to school with ? i guess the real thing im asking is am i a ***** for not going to the class reunion but in stead i go to vegas next year with the purse forum so i can hang out with people i have never met before ?
  2. You should go to the one you would enjoy more!
  3. Thats a toughie. If i were in your shoes I would go to the tPF one. It may never happen again whereas there are more class reunions throughout the years.
  4. Totally agree! :yes:

    And you won't be a bad person for not going to the reunion... not like everyone goes anyways.