CLASS or TRASH? CL tiger boots *PICS*

  1. Ok, here we go girls~~ I rec'd the boots yesterday and I have been debating on whether to keep them... They are pretty OTT and I am sure all I can wear is BLACK with them....I have put together a few outfits; tell me what you think!!

    FIRST black pencil skirt-most seemed to think this would work, and I agree!


    SECOND a kind-of biker look with leather vest and black skinny jeans

    THIRD boho chic look with kimono top and leggings
  2. The cowl neck top w/ the belt & skirt is classy! I think if the skirt was short (short = above knee) that would lean towards trashy.

    The jeans tucked in w/ leather vest is fun! The slight gloss of the vest helps dissipate a little attention away from the boots. Plus, the whole look is very fun.

    I'm not sure about the last one. There is much volume going on up top for the boots going on at the bottom--therefore, too much all around. Not sure about tights in the boots. The jeans in the boots provide a different texture against the smoothness of the boots; the smoothness of the tights against boots is overly smooth.

    2 STARS out of 3 STARS = Keep Boots!
  3. WOW, I love the boots. I am not sure about the dress in the first pic because it hits right where your boots do. Maybe a longer dress/skirt. Now.....the biker and boho looks are so HOT you are on fire!!! Keep the boots because you definitely can ROCK THEM!
  4. xnplo makes a good point about the leggings. I looked again and I like the jeans tucked in better since you have thin calves.
  5. Wow! You look smokin'. I like the 2nd look best, but I also do like the pencil skirt. Not a fan of the leggings, but I don't really like the leggings look period so that has nothing to do with you. :smile:
  6. i don't want to be the voice of dissent, but I feel like the shoes are really OTT. I really don't like the look with the skirt. The jean's look is actually quite nice. The leggings is a cute looks, but it just seems like your calves are a bit too small for the boot.

    The only reason I say to not keep them is because it seems that you can't wear with enough variation. Only all black combinations.

    If you like them, keep them, but they might be a bit much.
  7. They look like they fit well with the jeans, but I agree they look a little big around the calves in the other two looks. I think you could find a better fitting, more versatile CL boot.
  8. I'm not too keen on them with the first outfit. But I really like them on you with the second & third. I say keep them!
  9. Sorry no I don't like the boots at all!
  10. I love those ! Your outfits looks awesome , not at all trashy , I think those boots will be in style for a while
  11. Umm, hello smoking hotness!!! I like the first and 2d. The 3d is okay, but not amazing! I love the OTT boots!!!!

    Girl, if I had your figure, I woul wear the boots. by themselves. nothing else!

  12. they are OTT but you have a great style/body so i think you could easily pull it off. however, if you're going to feel self conscious when you walk out the door then i say return them.

    I actually like all three outfits but 2 & 3 are my favs...maybe bc i like leggings...also i do think the skirt should be a tad longer as well to wear with those boots.

    one more thing: if you decide to keep them i'd just wear them at night. i think they're the perfect evening boot when you want to look hip/funky.
  13. i just think the boots are too tall. if they were shorter it'd be easier to pull things off.
  14. OK, these are really OTT, but I like them. Honest opinion, to wear these, the rest of your outfit needs to be really classy. I agree that you can pretty much only wear these with black or dark brown. Be prepared to get some serious looks when wearing them. Yes, they are a bit tall, but I think that you pull them off well.

    Your first outfit looks the best with them. It might be even a bit better if you were wearing black tights and there was no knee exposure, but I would have to see it.

    The second photo with the vest doesn't work. I don't think that adding any other leather while wearing these boots (with the exception of the bag you will carry) is a good idea. It leans toward trashy.

    The third photo would be fine if you were out clubbing. It is a bit disco, but I like it. However, I would not wear that outfit in the daytime even on a weekend as it leans just a bit toward trashy as well.

    I think that these boots would also look good with a simple long sleeve black wrap dress. You could also wear them with a brownish/camel skinny jean, black top and cropped black blazer. Adding a classic Hermes black bag to the mix wouldn't hurt either. If the rest of your outfit is classic, these can really look hot. Go for it!:tup:
  15. I think the shoes look great on you, I especially like the second and third outfit. However, I wouldn't wear them to work. They look like such fun shoes!