Class Action Suit in California

  1. Something in the mailbox at home yesterday other than ANOTHER Neiman Marcus Christmas catalogue or bills...A letter regarding a Class action lawsuit in California. Apparently there is an issue regarding the collection of (your) personal information at the time of purchase with a credit card by Hermes SA during a specific time period. Don't have the letter in front of me right now, but it was roughly between May 2004 and May 2005. It had to be a credit card purchase at a California boutique. They asked for phone numbers and email address according to the suit. The bottom line is that if you want to be part of it and fill out the paperwork, you will receive an instore (only) gift certificate for $40. They obviously were given the names of anyone who made a purchase during that time frame and they were sent the letter. Surely, I am not the only one who purchased during that time. Anybody else receive the letter?
  2. Yep, it's been going out. I've heard of this from several people. But I believe the gift ceritificate is good only in the CA stores.
  3. i did get a letter myself and we're way out here in texas. i don't recall purchasing from a hermes store in california around that time frame but i believe they sent everyone.

    i tossed mine out!
  4. So Hermes wants the customers to fill out the paperwork and be on their side or the other side? Who is suing Hermes?

    I was in Hermes this week and specifically asked if the databases were connected so that an SA could see if one had purchased things at a different boutique. The SA helping me said that in theory it is supposed to work that way and it actually does in the USA but in California it does not work that way due to the Privacy Act and that the Privacy Act in question only applies to CA but they are trying to fix it so they can all be connected to provide better service. Does this suit have anything to do with this?
  5. It makes sense that they would have to send to everyone. I have made purchases in Europe and all over the country so theoretically an out of stater could be visiting and purchase here and be part of the class action. Yes, I think it is only good in California boutiques.

    It makes me think of the Grand Inquisitor in the Mikado, "I have a little list" if anyone want to know if they are in the computer, then I guess getting this means they sure are.
  6. I want an H gift certificate too lol!!!
  7. The class action is against Hermes. It is accusing them of violating your privacy by asking all this personal info just for a credit card transaction. Cash transactions were not included. I don't remember seeing HIPPA specifically mentioned, but maybe that is what this is about. At our office we have to show the HIPPA Privacy Act as it applies to a Physician's Office and have the patients sign a form. I don't know what the big deal is all about really. Whoever started this suit sure got her panyhose in a twist! Maybe she had her identity stolen and is accusing them?
  8. i got this letter as well. I am also curious how the hell did they get this list?

    Add: i almost think it is a spam to get ur information... :sweatdrop:
  9. $40 doesn't go too far at Hermes:P LaVan, your champagne costs more than that!

  10. JAG can answer things like this or DressageQueen. I guess that they get a court order for all customers during this period of time that used a cc.
  11. Got that letter and chucked it. Don't I don't remember being asked for personal info by anyone at H.
  12. That's an excellent point HBB--perhaps it can be verified with a California store?
  13. I'm glad you said that because I didn't remember anything out of the ordinary either. They send me emails because I registered at the site to receive them.
  14. Hahaha!!! True ... but still ... it's the thought of having a gift certificate! Just kidding!
  15. Thanks GK. That explains.